California Targets Dishwashers with Federal Energy Rebate

Author: Bevan Griffiths-Sattenspiel

California received over $35 million in funding through the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program and decided to address their water and energy problems at the same time by targeting clothes washers with the highest rebates.

A couple of months ago we asked our Partners to contact their state energy offices and urge them to create a water-efficiency version of "cash for clunkers" with the stimulus money they were receiving for energy efficient appliance rebate programs. We heard from groups in 5 states who passed our message along and spread the word about the benefits of targeting water using appliances for energy conservation programs.

California heeded the call by designing a program that offers $100 rebates for consumers interested in swapping out their old clothes washer for a more water and energy efficient model. The other rebates offered in California are $75 for refrigerators and $50 for air conditioners.

By prioritizing clothes washers with energy efficiency funding, the California Energy Commission is signaling two things: 1) you can get more bang for your buck with strategies that simultaneously save water and energy, and 2) water and energy are inextricably linked. Communities struggling with water scarcity can save water on both ends by reducing direct water use at the point of use and indirect water use at power plants by reducing the cooling water needs of power generation. Energy savings are also both direct and indirect, with energy savings in the home due to the more efficient appliance as well as energy savings in the water system due to the reduced water demands (and pumping/treatement costs) from water efficiency.

One important thing is, old

One important thing is, old appliances that have worked for years that get broken are something very tricky. It's very hard to find the right say appliance parts but it's best that you do, because the next generation novelties are not exactly better and they are made to be thrown away easier.

Of course

Yes, this is the right thing to do. Saving water as much as we can along with the energies which cannot be renewed soon. We have become so much addicted to electronics that consumes lots of energies and now we are in the state that we must stop or cut off in using it more. Water supplies is the most essential and foremost part in our life so it should be going on as long as humanity exists. I have heard and seen many parts around the world about the scarcity of water supplies even for drinking hope those situation won't last long. Prevention is better than cure.

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