River Network Publication Ranked ‘Top 10 of 2009' by Water Online

Author: Bevan Griffiths-Sattenspiel

Although we’re well into 2010, I recently learned that River Network’s publication, The Carbon Footprint of Water, was ranked among the Top 10 of 2009 by Water Online, a resource database for water professionals! Overall, our report was ranked #2 on their list of the year's most popular articles.

Here’s Water Online’s list of the Top 10 Articles of 2009:

  1. What Is pH, And How Is It Measured?
    By Frederick J. Kohlmann, Hach Company

  2. The Carbon Footprint of Water
    By Bevan Griffiths-Sattenspiel and Wendy Wilson, River Network

  3. What Is Destroying Our Ponds And Lakes?
    By Dino Pezzimenti, Environment 21, LLC

  4. U.S. Army Deploys New Generation Of Water Purification Technology
    By Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.

  5. Hydrogen Sulfide Control And Removal
    By Filtronics, Inc.

  6. Is Conventional Water Treatment Still Relevant?
    By Thomas M. Getting, Filtration Product Manager, ITT Water & Wastewater - Leopold Products

  7. Energy Opportunities In Wastewater And Biosolids
    By Glenn Reinhardt, Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF)

  8. Using Science To Improve UV Technology
    By UV Sciences Inc.

  9. The State Of The Water Industry: Blood Of The Earth ... Store Of Economic Value
    By TechKNOWLEDGEy Strategic Group

  10. U.S. Water And Wastewater Markets Receive Boost From Stimulus Funds
    By McIlvaine Company

Download: The Carbon Footprint of Water