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One in Three Counties Face Water Shortages Due to Climate Change Blog entry Published 07/21/2010
The Climate Post: Here Come a Bunch of Bills Aimed at Blocking EPA's Ability to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Blog entry Published 09/15/2014
Australia Aims To Make Change With A Carbon Tax Blog entry Published 07/25/2011
The Climate Post: Primaries Move GOP to the Right (On Climate) Blog entry Published 08/31/2010
The Climate Post: The Clean and Dirty of Obama's Energy Plan Blog entry Published 04/07/2011
Federal Climate Adaptation Task Force – Submit Public Comments by May 15th! Blog entry Published 05/07/2010
The Climate Post: Chinese Premier Hu Jintao's Visit Prompts Soul Searching in US Energy and Climate Circles Blog entry Published 01/20/2011
Draft National Action Plan for Freshwater Management Amidst Climate Change: Submit Comments Blog entry Published 09/30/2014
As the World Heats Up, Coal Power Plants Expanding in the United States Blog entry Published 09/15/2014
The Climate Post: Rubert Murdoch's Media Empire, Including Fox News, goes Carbon Neutral Blog entry Published 03/07/2011
AWWA to Lead Study on Water Demand, Climate Change Blog entry Published 11/29/2010
Dr. Gleick Delivers Water and Climate Change Briefing on Capital Hill: Download His Presentation! Blog entry Published 05/26/2011
Circle of Blue: 'Climate Change is Water Change' Blog entry Published 11/06/2009
Bureau of Reclamation Doles Out $13 Million for Water-Energy Efficiency Projects Blog entry Published 12/08/2010
The Climate Post: New Budget Would Make Big Oil Pay for Clean Energy Blog entry Published 03/07/2011
Apply for the ‘Warming Watersheds, Water and Energy Track’ at Winter Training 2010! Blog entry Published 10/21/2010
The Climate Post: Obama's Popularity and the Next Election may be Tied to Gas Prices Blog entry Published 04/28/2011
18 Leading Scientific Organizations Confirm Climate Consensus in Letter to Senators Blog entry Published 07/10/2014
Protecting the Lifeline of the West: How Climate and Clean Energy Policies Can Safeguard Water Blog entry Published 07/22/2010
Featured Image: Tracking Carbon Emissions Blog entry Published 03/07/2011