Protection and Restoration

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Exploring big picture Clean Water Act thinking... Blog entry Published 11/17/2010
A Day Late, But Never Short: Wednesday News Roundup Blog entry Published 01/26/2012
Interesting article on tamarisk and all its complications Blog entry Published 11/17/2010
Keeping healthy waters healthy: antidegradation webinar Blog entry Published 10/15/2009
Easy, Clever Ways to Package & Spread River-Saving Tips Blog entry Published 04/13/2014
More on dead zones...the mother of all dead zones Blog entry Published 08/01/2011
Reforms for oil and gas drilling on Department of Interior lands Blog entry Published 11/17/2010
Clean Water Protection Rule (aka WOTUS) Roundup Blog entry Published 09/30/2014
More on the Mighty Bivalve Blog entry Published 02/08/2013
USGS studies urban development and stream health Blog entry Published 11/17/2010
Wednesday Roundup: Budgets, Big Pipes, Bio-luminescence, & Fracking Blog entry Published 12/21/2011
"Unquenchable" webinar Sept. 3rd Blog entry Published 11/17/2010
New paper examines climate effects of intensive irrigation Blog entry Published 11/17/2010
The Nicest Thing You Can Do This Week? Nominate a River Hero... Blog entry Published 07/02/2014
National Fish Habitat Conservation Act Introduced in the Senate Blog entry Published 04/13/2014
Debunking Myths and Soothing Fears: Clean Water Protection Rule (WOTUS) Blog entry Published 09/29/2014
Florida settlement on nutrient criteria has nationwide implications Blog entry Published 11/17/2010
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Virtual training: 401 certification Book page Published 08/31/2012
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River Roundup Event Published 08/31/2010
Save Maumee's Punk Party Fundraiser Event Published 09/16/2010