Saving Water, Saving Energy

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Tragedies in Japan Underscore Vulnerabilities and Danger of Nuclear Power Blog entry Published 04/05/2011
Two Case Studies Describe Significance of Energy Embedded in Water Blog entry Published 05/11/2010
Two New Water-Energy Reports by Stockholm Environment Institute Blog entry Published 03/07/2011
U of M Energy-Water Nexus Progam, Part II Blog entry Published 04/27/2010
U of M Professors to Tackle Water-Energy Nexus Blog entry Published 04/27/2010
U.S. Department of Energy Undermines Release of 'National Energy-Water Roadmap' Blog entry Published 09/09/2010
U.S. Senator: Water/Energy Integration "Increasingly Vital" Blog entry Published 04/26/2010
UCS Releases New Factsheet, ‘The Energy-Water Collision: 10 Things You Should Know’ Blog entry Published 09/20/2010
UK Report Looks at Carbon Embedded in Water, Potential Savings Large Blog entry Published 05/07/2010
UN Experts: Climate Change Manifest through Water Blog entry Published 03/03/2010
United States Squanders Water Resources During Heat Wave Blog entry Published 07/27/2012
UNL to Host Irrigation and Energy Conservation Field Day Blog entry Published 05/11/2010
Unprecedented Opportunity to Include Water Efficiency in Federal Legislation! Blog entry Published 07/26/2010
Urgent Home Star Energy Bill Update: Water Efficiency Provisions Moving Forward Blog entry Published 07/29/2010
USGS Releases Latest Estimates of Water Use in the United States Blog entry Published 10/29/2009
Using the Sun to Heat Water- A Few Incentives Blog entry Published 04/23/2010
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Trends and Policy Issues For The Nexus of Energy and Water Resource Published 07/20/2011
True(r) Costs of Water Supply: A Florida Case Study Resource Published 12/16/2010
User Manual for the Pacific Institute Water to Air Models Resource Published 07/11/2011
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Urge Your State to Use Stimulus Funds for ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Water Efficiency Program - Deadline October 15! Page Published 02/14/2011