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Funding Water Efficiency Through the State Revolving Fund Programs Resource Published 02/14/2011
Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States Resource Published 07/20/2011
Greenhouse Gas and Energy Co-Benefits of Water Conservation Resource Published 07/07/2011
Growing Toward More Efficient Water Use Resource Published 07/08/2011
Hidden Oasis: Water Conservation and Efficiency in Las Vegas Resource Published 07/15/2011
Hidden Reservoir: Why Water Efficiency is the Best Solution for the Southeast Resource Published 01/31/2009
Type: Blog entry
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GAO’s Energy-Water Nexus Report Blog entry Published 10/22/2009
Georgia State Legislature Passes Landmark Water Efficiency Bill Blog entry Published 03/18/2010
Get Involved on the International Day of Climate Action, October 24th! Blog entry Published 10/19/2009
Global Warming Pollution Increases 3 Percent Blog entry Published 04/21/2010
Going Trayless to Save Water and Energy Blog entry Published 04/20/2010
Golf Courses 'Sense' Water Savings Blog entry Published 04/27/2010
Great Lakes Commission Report on Water-Energy Nexus Blog entry Published 04/08/2010
Great Lakes Commission to Address Water-Energy Nexus Blog entry Published 02/23/2010
Green Building Industry to Focus on Water Efficiency Blog entry Published 04/28/2010
Greening the Federal House: Beyond the Water-Energy Nexus Blog entry Published 04/29/2010
Greywater: A 'New' Low Energy Water Supply Blog entry Published 11/30/2009
Groundbreaking Report on Ontario's Water-Energy Nexus Blog entry Published 05/03/2010
Headwaters Gathering on Climate Change in North Carolina Blog entry Published 04/20/2010
Help Alliance for Water Efficiency Pass Federal Water Efficiency Legislation Blog entry Published 10/28/2010