Saving Water, Saving Energy

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Experts Interviewed on Water, Energy and Climate Change Blog entry Published 12/02/2009
Extreme Weather Map Bringing Climate Change Home Blog entry Published 03/29/2012
Featured Image: Tracking Carbon Emissions Blog entry Published 03/07/2011
Featured Image: Water Quality Enforcement Blog entry Published 03/23/2011
Featured Report - Hydropower Greenhouse Gas Emissions Blog entry Published 05/29/2012
Featured Report - Integrating Energy and Water Resources Decision Making in the Great Lakes Basin Blog entry Published 11/07/2011
Featured Report - Water for Energy: Future Water Needs for Electricity in the Intermountain West Blog entry Published 11/17/2011
Featured Resource: NRDC's Climate and Water Preparedness Report and Interactive Map Blog entry Published 04/13/2012
Featured Video: Off Oil, Coal and Nuclear by 2050? Blog entry Published 10/27/2011
Featured Video: Replacing 50 Watt Light Bulbs with Two Liter Bottles Blog entry Published 03/23/2011
Federal Climate Adaptation Task Force – Submit Public Comments by May 15th! Blog entry Published 05/07/2010
Fifth World Water Forum Addresses Water-Energy Nexus Blog entry Published 04/27/2010
Fight Global Warming with Existing Water Laws and EnergyStar Dishwashers Blog entry Published 04/21/2010
Fighting Coal Power in Texas One Drop of Water at a Time Blog entry Published 09/15/2014
First it’s Poop, Then it’s Plant Food: The Water and Energy Benefits of Composting Toilets Blog entry Published 05/12/2010
First Large-Scale Solar Thermal Plant in Two Decades Will Use Recycled Water Blog entry Published 08/30/2010
Fish Friendly Turbines May Put a New Spin on Hydropower Blog entry Published 11/02/2011
Fossil Fuel Subsidies Still on the Rise Despite Pledge for Reductions Blog entry Published 10/05/2011
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Featured Reports, Resources & Publications Page Published 07/27/2012
Focus Cities Page Published 02/06/2009