Climate Change & Rivers

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Nebraska Nuclear Power Plants to Replicate Fukushima Disaster? Blog entry Published 06/21/2011
Largest Drinking-Water Supplier in the US Adopts New Energy Management Policies Blog entry Published 08/30/2010
Extreme Weather Map Bringing Climate Change Home Blog entry Published 03/29/2012
Headwaters Gathering on Climate Change in North Carolina Blog entry Published 04/20/2010
Warming Watersheds, Water and Energy Track Agenda - One Week Left to Apply for Winter Training 2010! Blog entry Published 11/15/2010
Pacific Institute Presenting Water-Energy Tools at River Rally Blog entry Published 04/28/2010
The Climate Post: Chinese Premier Hu Jintao's Visit Prompts Soul Searching in US Energy and Climate Circles Blog entry Published 01/20/2011
Apply for A "Climate Solutions University: Forest and Water Strategies" Scholarship! Blog entry Published 01/14/2010
Study Shows Rivers Warming in the U.S. Blog entry Published 04/06/2010
What is the River Footprint of Energy? Blog entry Published 04/28/2011
Protecting the Lifeline of the West: How Climate and Clean Energy Policies Can Safeguard Water Blog entry Published 07/22/2010
Ontario Canada Community Offering Free Water/Energy Audits Blog entry Published 10/13/2011
The Climate Post: Secret Meeting of Top U.S. Climate Scientist with Fidel Castro Proves Climate Change is Communist Hoax Blog entry Published 09/24/2010
Funding Opportunity: Up To $50k To Establish Or Expand Watershed Groups in Western U.S. Blog entry Published 05/29/2012
Water-Energy Testimony: “Dual Savings Opportunities” Blog entry Published 04/26/2010
Materials from Warming Watersheds; Water & Energy Track at Winter Training 2010 Blog entry Published 12/22/2010
'Authoritative' Assessment of U.S. Climate Change Impacts Blog entry Published 05/06/2010
The Climate Post: New Budget Would Make Big Oil Pay for Clean Energy Blog entry Published 03/07/2011
River Network's Comments to the White House Interagency Climate Adaptation Task Force Blog entry Published 05/17/2010
Submit Comments on EPA's Power Plant Cooling Water Ruling to Help Protect America's Rivers Blog entry Published 07/20/2011