Climate Change

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The Climate Post: New & Improved Climate Science Just in Time for Cancún Talks Blog entry Published 12/02/2010
Cities of the Future and Urban River Restoration Conferences- March 7-10, 2010- Boston, MA Blog entry Published 12/07/2009
Despite Efforts to Thwart Regulation, New Reports Tie Severe Weather Patterns to Human Activity Blog entry Published 03/07/2011
Companies Urged to Disclose Water Use Blog entry Published 04/12/2010
Water and Energy Coming Together in San Antonio Blog entry Published 05/09/2011
Urgent Home Star Energy Bill Update: Water Efficiency Provisions Moving Forward Blog entry Published 07/29/2010
Draft National Action Plan for Freshwater Management Amidst Climate Change: Submit Comments Blog entry Published 09/30/2014
Water-Energy Testimony: Peter Gleick Blog entry Published 04/26/2010
The Climate Post: Secret Meeting of Top U.S. Climate Scientist with Fidel Castro Proves Climate Change is Communist Hoax Blog entry Published 09/24/2010
The Climate Post: Earth Will Take 100,000 Years to Recover From Midterm Elections' Effects on Climate Policy, Say Geologists Blog entry Published 11/04/2010
A Pipeline Runs Through It - EcoCentric Crosspost On Keystone XL Blog entry Published 11/28/2011
Seal the Deal: Help Ensure A Global Climate Agreement Blog entry Published 10/14/2009
Water and Energy 2011: Efficiency, Generation, Management, and Climate Impacts Blog entry Published 01/20/2011
Water Conservation = Energy Conservation, Examples from Colorado Blog entry Published 01/29/2010
House Cats - Killing Over 1,000 Times More Birds Annually Than Wind Turbines Blog entry Published 03/28/2011
New York Times Covers Water-Energy Nexus (and quotes River Network!) Blog entry Published 05/18/2010
The Climate Post: The World has Passed Peak Oil, Says Top Economist Blog entry Published 09/30/2014
Global Warming Pollution Increases 3 Percent Blog entry Published 04/21/2010
The Climate Post: Coal, Climate Skepticism and Apple Pie Blog entry Published 09/15/2014
The Climate Post: As Markets Dive, Clean Energy Stocks Hit By "Triple Whammy" Blog entry Published 09/15/2014