Climate Change

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The Climate Post: Beleaguered EPA Must Take Charge of Greenhouse Gases, Supreme Court Rules Blog entry Published 06/23/2011
Composting Toilets to be Constructed in NYC Public Park Blog entry Published 08/31/2010
Restoring Science to Climate Policy Blog entry Published 05/06/2010
The Climate Post: Now All GOP Presidential Candidates Express Climate Skepticism Blog entry Published 12/09/2011
The Climate Post: New & Improved Climate Science Just in Time for Cancún Talks Blog entry Published 12/02/2010
Business, Environment and Government Leaders Recognize Value of Water to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Address Climate Change Blog entry Published 01/04/2010
Despite Efforts to Thwart Regulation, New Reports Tie Severe Weather Patterns to Human Activity Blog entry Published 03/07/2011
National River Rally 2010: An Event You Don’t Want to Miss! Blog entry Published 04/27/2010
As Global Warming Skepticism Grows, How to Refute the Myths Blog entry Published 04/20/2010
AWE Releases A Blueprint For Action Blog entry Published 05/25/2011
Bureau of Reclamation Doles Out $13 Million for Water-Energy Efficiency Projects Blog entry Published 12/08/2010
New Report: Water, Energy and Climate Change: A Contribution from the Business Community Blog entry Published 04/26/2010
Peer Learning Network on Community Climate Response Blog entry Published 11/14/2011
‘Energy and Water 2011 - Efficiency, Generation, Management, and Climate Impacts’ Conference – Call for Abstracts Blog entry Published 10/19/2010
Sustainability Watch: University of Maryland Blog entry Published 10/18/2011
The Climate Post: Earth Will Take 100,000 Years to Recover From Midterm Elections' Effects on Climate Policy, Say Geologists Blog entry Published 11/04/2010
Op-Ed: Water, Energy and Climate Change Blog entry Published 10/22/2009
Featured Resource: NRDC's Climate and Water Preparedness Report and Interactive Map Blog entry Published 04/13/2012
Water and Energy 2011: Efficiency, Generation, Management, and Climate Impacts Blog entry Published 01/20/2011
UN Experts: Climate Change Manifest through Water Blog entry Published 03/03/2010