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California Targets Dishwashers with Federal Energy Rebate Blog entry Published 11/03/2009
Draft National Action Plan for Freshwater Management Amidst Climate Change: Submit Comments Blog entry Published 06/17/2011
Senior Analyst at Department of Energy Writes Water & Energy Article Blog entry Published 05/03/2010
Fracking Induced Quakes Shake Up Tougher Regulations In Ohio Blog entry Published 03/27/2012
Largest Drinking-Water Supplier in the US Adopts New Energy Management Policies Blog entry Published 08/30/2010
The Climate Post: New & Improved Climate Science Just in Time for Cancún Talks Blog entry Published 12/02/2010
'Authoritative' Assessment of U.S. Climate Change Impacts Blog entry Published 05/06/2010
Texas Funding Bill Proposal Highlights Water Conservation and Reuse Strategies - Show Your Support! Blog entry Published 03/25/2011
Will Cutting Down Trees Alleviate Water Woes for Solar Thermal? Blog entry Published 02/19/2010
Submit Water-Energy-Climate Nexus Workshop Proposals For River Rally 2012! Blog entry Published 10/07/2011
Urgent Home Star Energy Bill Update: Water Efficiency Provisions Moving Forward Blog entry Published 07/29/2010
The Climate Post: Pre-Election Maneuvering Marked by Fits of Climate Skepticism Blog entry Published 10/28/2010
Congressional Hearing on Water-Energy Nexus Blog entry Published 04/26/2010
River Rally 2011: A Look at the Water-Energy-Climate Related Workshops to Come Blog entry Published 02/14/2011
2010 Water-Energy Appropriations Bill: Know What's Happening in Your Watershed Blog entry Published 05/07/2010
When is our nation going to get SERIOUS about conserving water? Blog entry Published 05/09/2011
Submit Comments on EPA's Power Plant Cooling Water Ruling to Help Protect America's Rivers Blog entry Published 07/20/2011
A New Reason to Sing in the Shower: EPA Releases New WaterSense Certified Showerheads Blog entry Published 04/27/2010
The Climate Post: Now All GOP Presidential Candidates Express Climate Skepticism Blog entry Published 12/09/2011
Water Resources in Pennsylvania Need Protection from Coal Mining Blog entry Published 08/23/2010