Saving Water

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Webinar on the Energy and Water Collision - Dec. 7th at 12pm EST Blog entry Published 11/29/2010
National Victory for Water Efficiency: DOE Waives Federal Preemption for Water Using Fixtures Blog entry Published 12/27/2010
New (and free!) Water and Energy Conservation Widget Blog entry Published 04/28/2010
Download Warming Watersheds Workshop Materials from River Rally 2010 Blog entry Published 06/30/2010
Pacific Institute Releases Analysis on USGS Water Use in the United States Blog entry Published 11/06/2009
The Climate Post: New Budget Would Make Big Oil Pay for Clean Energy Blog entry Published 03/07/2011
MIT Researchers Find Global Warming Odds Much Worse Blog entry Published 04/27/2010
Pacific Institute Releases the WECalc, Your Home Water-Energy-Climate Calculator Blog entry Published 08/18/2010
From Wire to Tap: Are we flushing energy down the drain? Blog entry Published 01/07/2010
The Climate Post: Blockbuster Supreme Court Case on Emissions May Fizzle Blog entry Published 04/22/2011
Water-Energy-Climate Nexus in Norway: Power Disruptions and Low Hydro Reserves Blog entry Published 05/09/2011
The Babylon Project, Free Webinar on Energy Efficiency Blog entry Published 05/06/2010
'Water Resource Management for Energy Conservation' Program from Nature's Voice Our Choice Blog entry Published 09/17/2010
AWE Releases New Water Conservation Tracking Tool Blog entry Published 08/18/2011
Fight Global Warming with Existing Water Laws and EnergyStar Dishwashers Blog entry Published 04/21/2010
National Academy of Engineering Conference on Clean Water and Other ‘Grand Challenges of the 21st Century,’ April 21-22 Blog entry Published 03/22/2010
WaterSense Products Save 1.25 Billion Kilowatt Hours of Electricity in 2008 Blog entry Published 05/07/2010
The Climate Post: Earth Will Take 100,000 Years to Recover From Midterm Elections' Effects on Climate Policy, Say Geologists Blog entry Published 11/04/2010
Extreme Weather Map Bringing Climate Change Home Blog entry Published 03/29/2012
Water-Energy Testimony: “Dual Savings Opportunities” Blog entry Published 04/26/2010