Saving Water

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Oregon Proposal for Graywater Reuse: Submit Feedback! Blog entry Published 02/14/2011
Examining US Freshwater Systems and Services: Reducing Conflicts at the Energy-Water Interface Blog entry Published 09/15/2014
Cities of the Future and Urban River Restoration Conferences- March 7-10, 2010- Boston, MA Blog entry Published 12/07/2009
A Solar Project That Seems To Make Everybody Happy Blog entry Published 08/30/2010
'Authoritative' Assessment of U.S. Climate Change Impacts Blog entry Published 05/06/2010
Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Resources: USGS Seeks Public Comment on Draft Report to Congress Blog entry Published 04/04/2011
Water Conservation = Energy Conservation, Examples from Colorado Blog entry Published 01/29/2010
UCS Releases New Factsheet, ‘The Energy-Water Collision: 10 Things You Should Know’ Blog entry Published 09/20/2010
Robert Glennon Talks Water, Energy on Daily Show Blog entry Published 09/15/2014
Submit Comments on EPA's Power Plant Cooling Water Ruling to Help Protect America's Rivers Blog entry Published 07/20/2011
National Academy of Engineering Conference on Clean Water and Other ‘Grand Challenges of the 21st Century,’ April 21-22 Blog entry Published 03/22/2010
Polar Icecaps are Melting Fast: Use A Pool Cover To Help Save the Planet Blog entry Published 04/20/2010
Water Savings Outweigh Higher Power Capacity in California’s Blythe Solar Project Blog entry Published 11/09/2010
Reducing Reliance on Coal Power Could Save City of Austin One Billion Gallons of Water Blog entry Published 05/11/2010
Featured Video: Off Oil, Coal and Nuclear by 2050? Blog entry Published 10/27/2011
Senior Analyst at Department of Energy Writes Water & Energy Article Blog entry Published 05/03/2010
Using the Sun to Heat Water- A Few Incentives Blog entry Published 04/23/2010
River Network Delivers Water-Energy Briefing for the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread Blog entry Published 12/27/2010
Water Efficiency Makes List of Key Actions to Combat Climate Change Blog entry Published 10/29/2009
Download Warming Watersheds Workshop Materials from River Rally 2010 Blog entry Published 06/30/2010