2014 Neighborhoods USA Conference —Call for Proposals

05/21/2014 (All day) - 05/24/2014 (All day)
State or Province: 
Oregon (OR)
Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA)

Eugene is proud to host the 2014 Neighborhoods, USA conference May 21-24. Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) is a national organization representing those individuals, organizations and local governments working at the neighborhood level to improve their communities. Whether it’s food security, crime, childhood health, foreclosure prevention, community redevelopment or building their capacity for grassroots work – NUSA members come together each year to share their experiences and expertise and learn from one another about how to make their communities even better, stronger and healthier.

NUSA conferences have compelling keynote speakers, engaging workshops, and informative and fun neighborhood tours. Next year’s conference includes notable keynote speakers (Jim Diers/Asset Based Community Development, Michelle Hunt/Dreammakers and Julian Agyeman/Just Sustainabilities); 45 workshops in 7 tracks and 10 tours. We expect to welcome over 600 people from all over the United States as well as Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa and Japan. NUSA 2014 is an opportunity for us to showcase the creative, compassionate and forward-thinking work being done by local organizations like yours.

The workshop tacks include:

Eating Well Close to Home: What does it take to build and sustain a strong local food system?

Growing Green: How do we grow the sustainability of our neighborhoods and communities?

Town-Gown & Neighborhood Relations: What are the benefits and challenges of having an institution of higher education in a community?

Caring and Safe Communities: How do communities ensure that all neighbors have access to basic safety and human services?

Creating Inclusive Communities: How do we bring more people, perspectives and voices into our work?

The ABCs of Organizing: What does it take to sustain a successful neighborhood organization in an increasingly fast-paced, media-saturated and complex world?

BRING ON THE FUN -- Parks, Arts and Culture!!!: How is a sense of community built through the enjoyment of local art, recreation, libraries and parks?

For More Information: 

For a copy of the RFP, please contact conference coordinator rene.c.kane at ci.eugene.or.us