Going With The Flow Tour

River Network Family Ambassadors - Exploring and promoting locally-grown watershed solutions

The Frieder-Stanzione Family, keenly interested in sustainability, and eager to “road school” their 8 year old son, are thrilled to be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. Using water as a theme for a year-long road trip across the United States and beyond, they will use this experience to meet and help shine a light on local sustainability efforts, river heroes and environmental innovators along the way.

On June 15 they began their journey in a 24 foot RV loaded with 4 bikes, three kayaks, a 72 watt solar panel and Max, their 83 pound dog.

Throughout the Going with the Flow Tour, Julie, Charlie and Johnny will serve as ambassadors for River Network, a national nonprofit organization that supports more than 2,000 local water protection groups throughout the US.

In this capacity, the family’s water tour will include visits with local organizations, schools, public officials, scientists and sustainability champions to learn about and help advance collaborative water solutions.

The River Network Family Ambassadors Going with the Flow Tour is partly destination driven and partly a wide open slate. The family will work closely with River Network and its local partners throughout the year to identify potential visits, events and learning opportunities.

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