River Network Programs

River Network is mobilizing a national movement to safeguard clean water and healthy watersheds. Our programs empower and inspire grassroots leaders all across America to create strong and effective local organizations that protect our “home” rivers while also addressing some of the biggest challenges facing our country:

  • Protecting sources of clean, fresh water and advancing conservation strategies before our water scarcity crisis worsens;

  • Regulating and remediating contaminants in the water that are causing so many human health problems, particularly in disadvantaged communities;

  • Rebuilding America’s ailing water infrastructure differently from the damaging patterns of the past that have so degraded our rivers and watersheds; and

  • Mitigating climate change by reducing the enormous energy consumption involved with inefficiently moving, heating and treating water in this country.

Below you will find a complete listing with short descriptions of our current programs with links to the corresponding program landing pages for more information.

Going With The Flow Tour

River Network Family Ambassadors - Exploring and promoting locally-grown watershed solutions

Partnership Program

River Network exists to help locally-led river and watershed groups flourish. We provide individualized support, up-to-date information and trainings created with you – the river conservationist – in mind.

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River Heroes

River Network's River Heroes Award celebrates rivers and those who protect them by recognizing some of our victories and honoring those who provide us with leadership and inspiration along the way.

River Rally

Together we are an unstoppable force for the protection of our home rivers and waters. River Rally is the place where our movement grows and strengthens!

Rivers & Habitat

Through the Rivers and Habitat Program, we help river lovers learn about practices, strategies, and laws for protecting water quality and riparian habitat; decide how best to adapt them to their situation; and use these tools to protect and restore local streams and lakes.

Rivers & Our Health

Healthy Waters, Healthy Communities Program

The Healthy Waters, Healthy Communities program helps community groups to investigate, understand and take action to address community health problems related to pollution.

Rivers, Energy & Climate

Climate change is water change, and nowhere is that seen more clearly than at the watershed level. River Network's Rivers, Energy and Climate program is helping river and watershed groups across the country understand and communicate the issues surrounding water-energy nexus and ways to build community resilience and reduce the water-related impacts of climate change.

Strengthening River Leaders

Through our Mobilization and Organizational Development programs, we help hundreds of river and watershed organizations become more effective through trainings, facilitation and consultation services. We provide these services directly or in partnership with statewide and regional organizations that also support local watershed groups in their areas.

Watershed Support Network

Watershed Support Network's goal is to increase the ability of watershed partnerships to plan and implement successful watershed-level protection and restoration projects.