Ample Water

When the well's dry, we know the worth of water. ~Benjamin Franklin

Ensuring that ample water remains in our ecosystems during all seasons of the year is essential to sustaining all life. How to advocate for ample water has become an urgent issue across our community, and not just in areas where water scarcity is common. In response, River Network will grow our support for local caretaker seeking to better understand what they can do to make a difference, share solutions that achieve both human needs and ecosystem functionality, and foster expanded impact through collaboration. This content will grow over time along with our website, but we are happy to start sharing trending news and important information relevant to what it takes to deliver ample water for people and nature immediately through the bullets below.

This Quarter’s News and Information

  • Can public financing save our rivers? Interesting innovations taking place in Arizona. Check out plans for the Verde River and also in watersheds serving Tucson.

  • The recent report from the Johnson Foundation, Navitating to New Shores, provides an excellent set of recommendations for building sustainable and resilient freshwater ecosystem here in the US and the role of the utility industry. Getting the price of water right also makes a difference.

  • Making sure enough water is flowing through our rivers is not just about surface water. Groundwater counts too. NASA's recent report suggests we aren't paying enough attention. Perhaps we need an integrated approach for managing our water resources. See also reflections from California that relate to this topic.

  • Ready for some good news? Turns out we are using less water overall, winding back the clock to before 1970, according to the USGS. More efficient irrigation practices, less water for thermal energy production, and reduced per capita use (down to 89 gallons/day) all contribute to this trend. During this same time period, our population grew by over 100 million people.