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River Rally 2016 | Mobile, AL | May 20-23, 2016


River Rally attracts hundreds of river and watershed protection enthusiasts and experts, conservation professionals, and thought leaders from across the country to learn from each other, share what works, get inspired, and celebrate success.

Rally provides a watering hole where attendees with many years of community-based river and watershed protection experience cross paths with folks that are brand new to this work. The conference offers opportunities for peer learning, rich discussions, and structured learning on introductory to advanced topics in a supportive, engaging, and fun atmosphere. Whether concerned citizen, NGO staff person, academic, agency or foundation representative, or industry innovator, Rally will deliver practical knowledge and new connections essential to protecting and restoring the health of our rivers, lakes, wetlands and estuaries.

Do you have a proven approach or innovation that could help achieve healthy rivers and other waters that sustain all life? We need you! River Rally provides an excellent opportunity to share your experience with a broad audience. Please review the guidelines and instructions below and consider submitting a workshop proposal for next year's event.

The proposal deadline for River Rally in Mobile, AL is October 15, 2015. Submit your proposals via our online form here.

2016 Workshop Themes:

  1. Ample water solutions and innovations
  2. Clean water solutions and innovations
  3. Strong leaders, strong organizations
  4. Diversity and inclusiveness
  5. Science for advocates

Click here for detailed descriptions of the themes.

Workshop Criteria & Guidelines:

Presenters are allowed to submit more than one workshop proposal, but each proposal must be submitted separately. Each workshop may have up to four presenters (a lead organizer / presenter and up to three co-presenters). The ideal workshops will focus on a combination of instruction and hands-on-skill-building, not just lecturing. Workshops that are results oriented, focus on success stories or lessons learned, and provide strategies for improved management and stewardship of watersheds are encouraged.

Workshops are scheduled for 90 minutes, with a limited number of 'training intensives' that run for three hours (two 90 minute time blocks). Ample time should be reserved for a question and answer session, or preferably, the entire session should be as interactive as possible. The size of the audience could range between 10-50 people.

Please keep in mind that workshops need to be informational, interactive, and transferable to other groups, regions and disciplines.

To be considered, all proposals must:
1. meet our guidelines described below,
2. be complete,
3. be submitted via our online form,
4. be submitted no later than October 15, 2015.


  • Each accepted workshop is entitled to a 50% registration discount for the lead organizer / presenter. One workshop = One 50% discount. This discount can be transferred to other presenters recruited by the lead organizer / presenter at their discretion. Only one 50% discount is available per person.
  • Presenters not receiving the 50% registration discount are entitled to a 25% registration discount. This is the same discount offered to dues-paying Partners of River Network.
  • All presenters may also qualify for scholarships offered by River Network. Scholarships are only offered to dues-paying Partners of River Network (additional deadlines may apply).
  • All presenters must register online for River Rally (registration will be available on or before January 1, 2016) to claim these discounts. Early registration will end April 1, 2016.

Question: Johnny submits a workshop proposal and River Network notified him that his submission has been accepted for the Rally program. Johnny's workshop proposal includes Suzi, Jane, Joey and Luke as co-presenters. What is the total amount awarded to all the presenters for this one workshop?

A: One (1) person is eligible to receive the 50% registration discount. All other presenters for a this workshop would receive a 25% registration discount. If they are also dues-paying Partners (individuals or organizations) of River Network, they are also eligible to apply for any scholarships offered by River Network to support Rally attendance.

  • Presenters must be able to cover their travel, lodging expenses, and other registration fees in excess of their discounts.
  • If using PowerPoint, presenters must provide their own laptops.
  • Presenters must bring their own copies of handouts.
  • Presenters agree to encourage the completion of workshop evaluations.
  • Presenters must have amazing patience, a sense of humor and a go-with-the flow attitude.

Additional Details:

  • River Network will inform anyone who submits a workshop proposal of our final decision on inclusion in our program for River Rally 2016 no later than December 31, 2015.
  • Accepted proposals can be modified (including adding up to three co-presenters) through February 1, 2016, the deadline for our final program.
  • River Network will promote all workshops on the River Rally website and in River Rally promotional materials.
  • River Network will provide the workshop room and all meet all reasonable requests prior to and at River Rally.
  • After River Rally, River Network will provide a summary of workshop evaluations to all presenters.

You must complete one form for each workshop being proposed. To submit your proposal, please click here.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Rooms for all presentations equipped with an LCD projector, screen, flip-chart and pens. We do not provide laptops and presenters are asked to bring their own. If using a Mac, please be sure to bring the necessary cables.

Internet access generally is NOT available in workshop rooms. However if the internet is absolutely necessary for the success of your workshop - and if you indicate the need in your proposal - River Network will do whatever we can to provide the connection.

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