Residential StormHarvesting

Session Date & Time: 
May 7, 2012 - 10:30am
Session Length: 
90 minutes
Skill Level: 

Kevin Mercer, Managing Director, RiverSides


This advanced workshop gives participants an overview of the RiverSafe Communities residential LID rainharvesting program focussed on achieving significant lot level stormwater capture.

Designed for executive directors and stormwater program directors of watershed organizations who plan to establish NPDES Phase II permit partnerships with municipalities, counties or utilities, or their own proprietary lot level LID campaigns. The workshop trains on residential rainharvesting campaign design, rainharvesting social marketing, BMP selection and performance, how to troubleshoot property owner engagement, and long term planning.

Presenter Bio(s): 

Kevin Mercer is founder of RiverSides, a modestly successful developer of LID and P2 programs based on partnerships for sustainability. Occasionally he gets it right and the rest is history. The mistakes are learning opportunities that go into making even better programming. Kevin will work with anyone, provided they agree to make good coffee.