Strategy, Tactics & Insights: Restoring An Urban River

Session Date & Time: 
May 5, 2012 - 3:30pm
Session Length: 
90 minutes
Skill Level: 

Robert Zimmerman, Charles River Watershed Association

From a staff of one in 1992, CRWA grew to become the catalyst for the remarkable recovery of the Charles River. Still an open sewer 80% of the time in 1995, the Charles today hosts swimming events. This workshop will focus on how that change happened - the strategy and tactics, the luck, the science, engineering, and legal maneuverings CRWA employed to address point source pollution, obtain conservation-based water withdrawal permits, change regulation around stormwater pollution, build and test demonstration and pilot projects, change attitudes, and bring the river back.

Presenter Bio(s): 

Robert Zimmerman, Jr., is Executive Director of the Charles River Watershed Association. Founded in 1965, CRWA is a private nonprofit environmental advocacy, research, and education organization. During his tenure, CRWA has become an authority on the science of water in urban watersheds, and the catalyst for addressing water pollution, stormwater discharges, low instream flow, nutrient loading, habitat protection and restoration, community zoning, suburban sprawl, and sustainable development on the Charles River. He has been appointed by four governors to the Massachusetts Water Resources Commission, and additionally serves on the Massachusetts Water Infrastructure Finance Commission, and the River Network Board of Directors.