Water Monitoring 101

Session Date & Time: 
May 5, 2012 - 1:30pm
Session Length: 
90 minutes
Skill Level: 

Danielle Donkersloot, NJ Department of Environmental Protection/Watershed Watch Network

Volunteer water monitoring activities are a great way to engage your local community while generating useful scientific information/data. Water monitoring is cyclical in the sense that groups need to continuously be moving through the steps of planning, designing, compiling, assessing, and communicating the results. With the right monitoring plan in place and committed volunteers, watershed organizations can evaluate the best ways to protect and restore their watershed using their own data. By understanding the health and quality of your watershed, you can better recommend environmental policies, educate the public about how to protect and restore clean water and work towards restore habitats. This workshop is designed for those starting a volunteer monitoring program or reinventing a current monitoring program.

Presenter Bio(s): 

Danielle Donkersloot has worked on water quality issues in NJ watersheds since 2000. She started the NJ Watershed Watch Network as a way to organizing volunteer water quality monitoring programs around the state to collect quality data. She helps volunteer monitoring programs create programs that will provide use data for their own local use as well as state decision makers. She is an active member of the NJ Water Monitorig Council and is working on a state Data Sharing Network that will not only include state data but local and volunteer data as well.