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Community Service Project at the National River Rally 2011

A short video clip from the Community Service Project undertaken by participants at the 2011 National River Rally in North Charleston, SC on June 5th, 2011.

River Rally 2011, Rainwater Harvesting, Environmental Justice, Water Recycling, Flooding, Groundwater, Land Development
ECO Northwest - Managing Stormwater report - Aug. 17, 2011 webinar recording

Presenters: Ed Macmullan and Sarah Reich, ECO Northwest
Date Recorded: Wednesday August 17th, 2011

EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, Infrastructure, Low Impact Development (LID), Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater, Water Recycling, Groundwater, Land Development, National Trends, Protection, Restoration, Urban Issues
Energy Demands on Water Resources

The United States Department of Energy drafted this report in response to a request from Congress for a report "on the interdependency of energy and water focusing on threats to national energy pro

Electricity, Energy, Climate Change, Drinking Water, Groundwater
Impact of EDCs on Trout in an Effluent Dominated Stream

Advancements in analytical methods have led to the detection of trace level concentrations of common pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in the aquatic environment.

River Rally 2010, Sunday Workshops, Superfund, Toxicology, Toxics, Groundwater, Human Impacts, Pollution, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
In Hot Water: Water Management Strategies to Weather the Effects of Global Warming

This report was published by the NRDC in July 2007 and is a valuable resource for water managers and anybody else trying to grasp the looming challenges that climate change is placing on our water

Climate Change, Infrastructure, Drought, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Global Warming, Groundwater, Human Impacts, Water Conservation & Efficiency, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Keeping Clean Water Clean: Antidegradation Basics

Activists across the country are increasingly turning to a powerful tool in the Clean Water Act, antidegradation implementation, to prevent the degradation of clean, healthy waters.

Antidegradation, Clean Water Act, EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, River Rally 2010, Saturday Workshops, Strategic Planning, Strategy & Planning, Clean-ups, Climate Change, Drinking Water, Groundwater, Historic Preservation, Human Impacts, Human Health, Non-Profit Resources, Watershed Planning, Pollution, Protection, Watershed Approaches
Low-Impact Development Protects Water Supply

As global warming threatens our water resources, communities are faced with a need to respond quickly and economically to water supply shortfalls.

Adaptation, EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, River Rally 2010, Sunday Workshops, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Infrastructure, Low Impact Development (LID), Mitigation, Rainwater Harvesting, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Water Recycling, Global Warming, Groundwater, Sewage, Urban Issues, Water Conservation & Efficiency
National Report: Responding to National Water Resources Challenges; Building Strong Collaborative Relationships for a Sustainable Water Resources Future

National water resources are currently being challenged by five primary driving factors: Aging infrastructure; population growth causing rising water demand; environmental pollution from nutrient a

Electricity, Designing a Monitoring Program, Strategy & Planning, Infrastructure, Low Impact Development (LID), Sustainability, Water Quality Criteria, Evaluations, Groundwater, Non-Profit Resources, Industry
River Voices April 2015: Water Security & Sustainability

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Climate Change, Drinking Water, Drought, Environmental Justice, Groundwater, Human Impacts, Privatization of Water, Water Conservation & Efficiency, Water Quantity
River Voices July 2015: Green Infrastructure and Urban Rivers

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Electricity, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Rainwater Harvesting, Drinking Water, Drought, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Water Recycling, Xeriscaping, Groundwater, Human Impacts, Urban Issues, Wastewater, Water Conservation & Efficiency, Water Quantity