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Region 4: Total Maximum Daily Loads

This page provides information about the Region 4 TMDL program.

Clean Water Act, Total Maximum Daily Loads, FEDERAL LEGISLATION
S787 Clean Water Restoration Act

Congress must enact the Clean Water Restoration Act to reaffirm Congress’ commitment to the Clean Water Act of 1972 and restore the Act’s geographic jurisdiction to that in existence prior to recen

Clean Water Act, Juristiction/Clean Water Act applies to
The Nationwide Rivers Inventory (NRI)

The Nationwide Rivers Inventory is a listing of more than 3,400 free-flowing river segments in the united States that are believed to possess one or more "outstandingly remarkable" natural

Clean Water Act, Protection
Antidegradation: Lessons from the Field

Brad Klein of the Environmental Law and Policy Center gave this presentation about antidegradation at River Rally 2009.

Antidegradation, Clean Water Act, Enforcement/citizen suits, Energy, Solving Problems with the Clean Water Act, Human Health, Industry, Pollution, Protection, FEDERAL LEGISLATION
Kentucky Antidegradation: Where Are We? Presentation

Judith Peterson of Kentucky Waterways Alliance gave this presentation at River Rally 2009 in Baltimore, MD.

Antidegradation, Clean Water Act, FEDERAL LEGISLATION
New York Times Toxic Waters Series

A series about the worsening pollution in American waters and regulators' response.

Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Drinking Water, Pollution, Protection, Restoration
Rulings Restrict Clean Water Act, Foiling E.P.A.

Thousands of the nation’s largest water polluters are outside the Clean Water Act’s reach because the Supreme Court has left uncertain which waterways are protected by that law, according to interv

Clean Water Act, Protection, Restoration
The (possible) Power of 401 Water Quality Certification - Introductory Webinar Clean Water Act, Water Quality Criteria, Water Quality
Human Affects of Carbon Politics

This session discusses the work of environmental justice groups and how climate change makes engaging disadvantaged communities even more essential to the work of river and watershed groups.

Adaptation, Clean Water Act, EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, River Rally 2010, Saturday Workshops, Carbon Emissions, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Infrastructure, Mitigation, Rate Structures, Reuse, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Water Pricing, Water Recycling, FEDERAL LEGISLATION
Keeping Clean Water Clean: Antidegradation Basics

Activists across the country are increasingly turning to a powerful tool in the Clean Water Act, antidegradation implementation, to prevent the degradation of clean, healthy waters.

Antidegradation, Clean Water Act, EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, River Rally 2010, Saturday Workshops, Strategic Planning, Strategy & Planning, Clean-ups, Climate Change, Drinking Water, Groundwater, Historic Preservation, Human Impacts, Human Health, Non-Profit Resources, Watershed Planning, Pollution, Protection, Watershed Approaches