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Making Sustainability (including clean water and enough of it) a Reality in a Skeptical World

In her presentation to River Network's 2008 Winter Training, Margo Farnsworth describes her organization's initiatives to promote low impact development programs and projects in the Nashville metro

Climate Change, Coalition Building, Low Impact Development (LID), Sustainability, Water Efficiency, Land Development, Sprawl, Urban Issues, Water Conservation & Efficiency
Paving Our Way to Water Shortages: How Sprawl Aggravates Drought

This report investigates what happens to water supplies when we replace our natural areas with roads, parking lots and buildings.

"Restoring Rivers Within City Limits" River Voices v19n1 Lead Article

In the lead article of newly published River Voices: Urban River Revitalization, Amy Souers Kober and Betsy Otto describe a number of promising urban river restoration initiatives.

Access, Arts and River Conservation, Buffers, Channelization, Historic Preservation, Land Development, Protection, Recreation, Restoration, Urban Issues, Water Trails, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
River Voices: Integrated Watershed Protection (2008)

Integrated Watershed Management: Making Tough Decisions Together
River Voices (v18n2) - 2008

Articles Include:

Strategic Planning, Work Plans, ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Collaboration, Planning, Land Development, Watershed Approaches
Hidden Oasis: Water Conservation and Efficiency in Las Vegas

This report is the result of a partnership between the Pacific Institute and Western Resource Advocates, and is an assessment/critique of the water conservation strategies adopted by Las Vegas.

Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Human Impacts, Land Development, Sprawl, Urban Issues, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Water Quality Scorecard

EPA's Smart Growth Program has developed a new tool to help local and municipal governments promote green infrastructure practices through codes, ordinances and incentives that protect water qualit

Low Impact Development (LID), Stormwater, Land Development, Urban Issues
Growing Toward More Efficient Water Use

To view the EPA's report on linking development, infrastructure, and drinking water policies, click the report link to the right

Juristiction/Clean Water Act applies to, State Revolving Funds, Land Development
Community Service Project at the National River Rally 2011

A short video clip from the Community Service Project undertaken by participants at the 2011 National River Rally in North Charleston, SC on June 5th, 2011.

River Rally 2011, Rainwater Harvesting, Environmental Justice, Water Recycling, Flooding, Groundwater, Land Development
Reducing Stormwater Costs Through Low Impact Development Strategies and Practices

To view a summary of 17 case studies of developments that include LID practices and how these techniques can reduce project costs and improve environmental performance, click the report link to the

Human Impacts, Land Development, Source Water
ECO Northwest - Managing Stormwater report - Aug. 17, 2011 webinar recording

Presenters: Ed Macmullan and Sarah Reich, ECO Northwest
Date Recorded: Wednesday August 17th, 2011

EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, Infrastructure, Low Impact Development (LID), Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater, Water Recycling, Groundwater, Land Development, National Trends, Protection, Restoration, Urban Issues