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Ecological Riverfront Design: Restoring Rivers, Connecting Communities.

This report provides a set of planning and design principles that will allow communities to reclaim urban river edges in the most ecologically sound and economically viable manner possible.

Restoration, Urban Issues
Economic Impacts of Protecting Rivers, Trails and Greenway Corridors.

This publication provides examples of how greenways and parks have benefited local and regional economies and demonstrates how to determine potential economic impacts of river, trail and greenway p

Economics, Restoration, Urban Issues
Reducing the Impacts of Construction Site Activities in Your Watershed.

This tool highlights actions local groups and citizens can take to help prevent the impacts of construction activities on water resources.

Industry, Protection, Urban Issues, Water Quality
Urban Subwatershed Restoration Manuals

This series of 11 manuals provides detailed and accessible guidance on how to repair urban watersheds.

Restoration, Urban Issues
"Restoring Rivers Within City Limits" River Voices v19n1 Lead Article

In the lead article of newly published River Voices: Urban River Revitalization, Amy Souers Kober and Betsy Otto describe a number of promising urban river restoration initiatives.

Access, Arts and River Conservation, Buffers, Channelization, Historic Preservation, Land Development, Protection, Recreation, Restoration, Urban Issues, Water Trails, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Hidden Oasis: Water Conservation and Efficiency in Las Vegas

This report is the result of a partnership between the Pacific Institute and Western Resource Advocates, and is an assessment/critique of the water conservation strategies adopted by Las Vegas.

Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Human Impacts, Land Development, Sprawl, Urban Issues, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Implications of Climate Change for Urban Water Utilities

The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies released this report in December 2007 to serve as an overview of some of the possible scenarios that water utility managers will face as a result of c

Adaptation, Climate Change, Mitigation, Global Warming, Protection, Urban Issues, Water Conservation & Efficiency, Water Quality, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Water Quality Scorecard

EPA's Smart Growth Program has developed a new tool to help local and municipal governments promote green infrastructure practices through codes, ordinances and incentives that protect water qualit

Low Impact Development (LID), Stormwater, Land Development, Urban Issues
How to Guide: Pet Waste Station Community Program

Have you ever thought a pet waste station would be a good idea in your community? Have you wondered how to go about getting a station?

Urban Issues
Low-Impact Development Protects Water Supply

As global warming threatens our water resources, communities are faced with a need to respond quickly and economically to water supply shortfalls.

Adaptation, EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, River Rally 2010, Sunday Workshops, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Infrastructure, Low Impact Development (LID), Mitigation, Rainwater Harvesting, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Water Recycling, Global Warming, Groundwater, Sewage, Urban Issues, Water Conservation & Efficiency