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U.S. EPA Water Quality Standards Handbook: Second Edition

Also known as the "Gold Book," this is U.S. EPA's guidance for States and Tribes on developing water quality standards.

Clean Water Act, Water Quality, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Pesticides in the Nation's Water Supply

The NAWQA Pesticide National Synthesis Project, which began in 1992, is a national-scale assessment of the occurrence and behavior of pesticides in streams and ground water of the United States and

America's Living Oceans: Charting a course for sea change

Size of the world's human population and the extent of our technological creativity have created a enormously damaging impacts on all the oceans.

National Trends, Protection, Restoration, Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Reducing the Impacts of Construction Site Activities in Your Watershed.

This tool highlights actions local groups and citizens can take to help prevent the impacts of construction activities on water resources.

Industry, Protection, Urban Issues, Water Quality
Implications of Climate Change for Urban Water Utilities

The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies released this report in December 2007 to serve as an overview of some of the possible scenarios that water utility managers will face as a result of c

Adaptation, Climate Change, Mitigation, Global Warming, Protection, Urban Issues, Water Conservation & Efficiency, Water Quality, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
The (possible) Power of 401 Water Quality Certification - Introductory Webinar Clean Water Act, Water Quality Criteria, Water Quality
Breaking Barriers to Water Harvesting & Reuse

Interested in learning more about water harvesting and the various methodologies for water reuse? You will learn how to create strategies and use these methods to protect rivers and watersheds.

Adaptation, EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, River Rally 2010, Sunday Workshops, Carbon Emissions, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Infrastructure, Low Impact Development (LID), Mitigation, Rainwater Harvesting, Reuse, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Water Recycling, Human Health, Values and Uses, Wastewater, Water Conservation & Efficiency, Water Quality, Water Quantity
Collaboration Case Study for Urban River Restoration

Learn how different organizations are collaboratively working to protect, restore and enhance water quality and watershed functions in the Salt Lake Valley.

EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, River Rally 2010, Sunday Workshops, Community Organizing, Clean-ups, Water Conservation, Environmental Justice, Historic Preservation, Human Impacts, Human Health, Instream Flows, Protection, Recreation, Restoration, Salmon, Source Water, Stream Flow, Water Quality
Your Water Your Decision

Your Water Your Decision is a free, online tool that allows you to highlight local water protection issues by easily creating a custom brochure that includes local or regional issues source water i

Drinking Water, Source Water, Water Quality
Stormwater Retrofitting: Atoning for the Sins of Our Past

In the not too distant past, our general philosophy on stormwater runoff was: Get rid of it… Fast! Now, in a more enlightened time, we know better.

EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, River Rally 2010, Sunday Workshops, Infrastructure, Low Impact Development (LID), Groundwater, Source Water, Urban Issues, Water Quality, Water Quantity