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A Carpe Diem Policy Brief

To view a brief exploring the policy implications arising out of the dynamic relationship between climate change, energy and water playing out across a western landscape, click the report link to t

Energy, Climate Change, Water Conservation
A Plan to Keep Carbon in Check

A few years ago two Princeton professors, physicist Robert Socolow and ecologist Stephen Pacala, devised a practical, straightforward framework to look at how we can acheive the daunting task of st

Carbon Emissions, Electricity, Energy, Climate Change, Mitigation
Annual Energy Outlook 2010

To view the 2010 annual Energy Outlook reports, click the report link to the right

Antidegradation: Lessons from the Field

Brad Klein of the Environmental Law and Policy Center gave this presentation about antidegradation at River Rally 2009.

Antidegradation, Clean Water Act, Enforcement/citizen suits, Energy, Solving Problems with the Clean Water Act, Human Health, Industry, Pollution, Protection, FEDERAL LEGISLATION
Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Water Production

To view how carbon footprint analyses can help utilities make informed decisions about sustainable operations and construction projects as well as future resources and treatment and transmission fa

Carbon Emissions, Energy, Climate Change, Sustainability, Water Efficiency
Burning Our Rivers: The Water Footprint of Electricity

What goes into our grid matters a lot. Thermoelectric energy is the fastest growing use of water in the country.

Clean Water Act, Carbon Emissions, Data Management, Electricity, Electricity Deregulation, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Hot Water, Climate Change, Infrastructure, Nonpoint Source Pollution Control, Low Impact Development (LID), Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Hydropower, Industry, Instream Flows, Lakes, Mining, National Trends, Oil Spills, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS, MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT
California's Water-Energy Relationship

In 2005, the California Energy Commission published a seminal report on the relationship between water and energy within the state.

Electricity, Energy, Hot Water, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency
Climate-Smart Water Planning Checklist

River Network originally introduced the Climate Smart Action Plan during the Warming Watersheds track of the Winter Training held in Nashville, TN in December 2008.

Energy, Climate Change, Low Impact Development (LID), Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Global Warming, Strategy, Watershed Planning
Coal Mining Threats on Our Nations Waterways

Coal mining and use continue to pose enormous threats to our nation’s waterways.

EVENTS & WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS, River Rally 2010, Sunday Workshops, Carbon Emissions, Brownfields, Electricity, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Hot Water, Infrastructure, Coal and Hard Rock Mining, Toxics, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Environmental Justice, Mining, Pollution, Protection, Water Quality
Community Water-Energy Savings Calculator

The Community Water-Energy Savings Calculator is designed to provide an estimate of the amount of water, energy, CO2 and financial savings associated with indoor water efficiency improveme

Carbon Emissions, Electricity, Energy, Water Efficiency