River Voices - 25 Lessons from 25 Years (2013)

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25 Lessons from 25 Years
River Voices (v23n1) - 2013

Articles Include:

  • 25 Lessons from 25 Years (Todd Ambs)
  • Water Quality Shall be Maintained and Protected (Rachel Conn)
  • Building Blue Pallavi Mande)
  • The 50-Year Fight for the Yadkin River (Dean Najouks)
  • The Saw Mill River Daylighting Story (Ann-Marie Mitroff)
  • Bringing “Dead” Waters Back to Life (Melissa Malott)
  • Daring to Defend Alabama’s Rivers (Cindy Lowry)
  • Freeing the Rogue (John Devoe)
  • Environmental Health Assessments (Steve Dickens)
  • Increasing Participation and Data Quality (Chris Riggert & Mark Van Patten)
  • Missing: 7 Million Pounds of Trash (Tammy Becker)
  • Clean-ups: Beyond Trash (Steve Hamilton)
  • A Functional Legacy Created (Michael Byrd)
  • The Story Behind the Waterkeeper Swim Guide (Krystyn Tully)
  • Dreaming Big on the Bayou (by Trudi Smith)
  • Saving Water in Idaho, Drop by Drop (Tom Stuart)
  • Testing the Waters (Barb Horn)
  • Fighting Back Against Invasive Plants (Shannon Hatch)
  • Seven Decades of River Conservation (Dick Sears)
  • Saving Wild Rivers (Steve Evans)
  • Citizen Action Stops Sewage Overflows & Protects Local Shellfish (Chris Wilke)
  • Standing Up for Streams in Kentucky (Judy Petersen)
  • The Gumbo Alliance and Other Coalitions (Cynthia Sarthou)
  • Navigating the Los Angeles River (Shelly Backlar)
  • Leveraging Recreational Streamflows (Nathan Fey)
  • Connecting People, Saving Rivers (Denny Caneff)
  • River Network Timeline