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America's Living Oceans: Charting a course for sea change

Size of the world's human population and the extent of our technological creativity have created a enormously damaging impacts on all the oceans.

National Trends, Protection, Restoration, Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Coastal Nonpoint source pollution control program

Describes how to implement nonpoint source pollution controls, known as management measures, that conform with those described in Guidance Specifying Management Measures for Sources of Nonpoint Pol

Pollution, Protection, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Polluted runoffs

National management measures to control NPS from marine and recreational boating.

Human Impacts, Pollution, Protection, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
The Nationwide Rivers Inventory (NRI)

The Nationwide Rivers Inventory is a listing of more than 3,400 free-flowing river segments in the united States that are believed to possess one or more "outstandingly remarkable" natural

Clean Water Act, Protection
Getting in Step: A Guide for Conducting Watershed Outreach Campaigns.

This guide includes tips and tools for creating awareness, educating specific audiences, and motivating positive behavior change to improve water quality.

Outreach & Membership, Watershed Planning, Protection, Restoration
National Menu of Stormwater Best Management Practices

The Menu of BMPs provides information on stormwater management related to public education, public involvement, illicit discharge detection & elimination, construction, post-construction and po

Reducing the Impacts of Construction Site Activities in Your Watershed.

This tool highlights actions local groups and citizens can take to help prevent the impacts of construction activities on water resources.

Industry, Protection, Urban Issues, Water Quality
"Restoring Rivers Within City Limits" River Voices v19n1 Lead Article

In the lead article of newly published River Voices: Urban River Revitalization, Amy Souers Kober and Betsy Otto describe a number of promising urban river restoration initiatives.

Access, Arts and River Conservation, Buffers, Channelization, Historic Preservation, Land Development, Protection, Recreation, Restoration, Urban Issues, Water Trails, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
River Voices: Playing the Drinking Water Card (1996)

Playing the Drinking Water Card: Strategies for River Conservationists
River Voices (v7n3) - 1996

Articles Include:

Campaigns, Safe Drinking Water Act, Coalition Building, ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Collaboration, Drinking Water, Human Health, Watershed Planning, Protection, FEDERAL LEGISLATION
River Voices: Water, Energy & Climate Change (2006)

Water, Energy & Climate Change: Connections & Opportunities
River Voices (v16n4) - 2006

Articles Include:

Adaptation, Carbon Emissions, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Water Recycling, Global Warming, Protection, Wastewater, Water Conservation & Efficiency, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS