Delaware River Watershed Oil Spill Monitoring Report

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"Data summarized in this report include observations made by over one hundred citizens and volunteer monitors during the weeks that followed the Athos I oil spill. Delaware Riverkeeper Network assigned volunteer monitors to specific tributaries, wildlife areas, and beaches and provided oversight and literature for volunteer monitors to accurately determine impacts from the Athos I oil spill. Monitors recorded observations using standardized protocols and datasheets that were reviewed and/or developed by the state agencies and Delaware Riverkeeper Network. Data were reviewed and summarized by New Jersey’s Volunteer Monitoring Program and Delaware Riverkeeper Network staff. This summary was prepared specifically for the Trustees to ensure the development of a comprehensive Natural Resource Damage Assessment for the Delaware River.

Report Format

This report includes the following components in order:

  • Table 1. A list of streams and areas where oil impacts were observed
  • Section 1. Detailed data summaries for each area and stream (from Table 1) where observations made by monitors noted impacts from the Athos I oil spill.
  • Section 2.A list of streams and areas where observations were made but no apparent impacts were noted by monitors at the time of their observation(s).
  • Appendix A. A summary of action alerts and correspondence from Delaware Riverkeeper Network to alert Coast Guard officials to areas in need of attention and clean up (not included in this draft)"