River Voices: Playing the Drinking Water Card (1996)

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Playing the Drinking Water Card: Strategies for River Conservationists
River Voices (v7n3) - 1996

Articles Include:

  • Playing the Drinking Water Card (Don Elder and Rita Haberman)
  • A Tale of Two Rivers: the Cahaba and the Locust Fork (Don Elder)
  • Potentially Powerful New Tools for River Conservation in the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act (Erik D. Olson)
  • Watershed Groups and Water Utilities Work Together (Jack Hoffbuhr)
  • Organizing Techniques for Safe Drinking Water from the River Basin Alliance (Suzi Wilkins)
  • The Ground/Surface Water Connection (Paul Jehn)
  • A Partnership Process For Source Water Protection: the Raccoon River Watershed Project (Lisa Henry)
  • Protecting Public Health Can Also Help Rivers (Daniel A. Okun)
  • References and Resources