Various Resources on Collaborations, Alliances and Mergers

Fieldstone Alliance (acquired in 2010 by Turner Publishing) provides user-friendly publications that help nonprofit, community, funders, government, and business leaders improve their communities. Fieldstone Alliance has a full section of free resources on collaborations, alliances and mergers. The following articles are available:

A Nonprofit Merger Case Study
The story of the successful merger of Family Service of Greater Saint Paul and East Communities Family Center.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Merger?
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, August 24, 2009)
Assess your organization’s readiness and suitability as a potential merger partner.

Collaborating with a For-Profit: Some Risks but Huge Potential
Tom Triplett describes different forms that for-profit and nonprofit collaborations can take and offers advice about what to avoid.

Collaboration Bibliography
A free list of resources dealing with the topic of collaboration. This list is useful to collaborations and collaboration consultants.

Collaboration Factors Inventory
Use this tool to help you assess your collaboration's strengths and weaknesses.
(Excerpted from Collaboration: What Makes It Work).

Don't Replace...Merge
Article by Thomas A. McLaughlin
Merger as an alternative to filling a vacant CEO position.

Engagement Strategies: Making the Most of Working Together
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, May 20, 2009)
Specific suggestions on how to work together, from simple engagements all the way up to a merger.

Four Keys to Collaboration Success
An article by Carol Lukas, consultant to more than 50 collaborations in the past ten years. Carol has identified four keys that—while not a guarantee to success—are essential to a well-functioning collaboration.

How to "Nimble-ize" a Collaboration
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, July 25, 2007)
Ten principles for creating a resilient collaboration structure and why they're critical to success.

Lower Intensity Alliances (Part 1): When Less is More
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, August 23, 2005)
Don't waste time on complex partnerships when simpler alliances can be more effective.

Lower Intensity Alliances (Part 2): What to Do When Your Partnership Is on the Rocks
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, September 13, 2005)
How to understand and manage the relationship dynamics within an alliance.

Mapping Your Networks to Mine Valuable Resources
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, August 5, 2009)
Social capital is the resources available to people based on the networks their relationships give them access to. Here's how to create a social capital map to get a clear picture of your organization's connections and networks.

Six Best Practices for Complex Collaborations
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, September 12, 2006)
Practices for helping collaboration with a large number of partners and a long time frame succeed.

Steps for Considering and Creating an Alliance
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, July 22, 2009)
Is an alliance right for your organization? Who should you recruit and how? This issue of Tools gives you an overview of the steps for considering and creating an alliance.

Tips for Managing Conflict in Collaborations
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, July 23, 2008)
Typical sources of conflict in collaborations and ways to resolve them.

Tough Times Strategies: Moving Beyond the Bake Sale
(Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, April 23, 2009)
Fieldstone Alliance consultant and collaboration expert, Sandy Jacobsen, shares advice on diversifying your pool of strategies and offers special tips for collaborating in a recession.

What Makes Collaborations Succeed
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, January 26, 2005)
Describes The Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory and how to use it to see if your collaboration has the necessary ingredients to succeed.

When to Consider a Merger
(Nonprofit Tools You Can Use e-newsletter, November 15, 2007)
Is a merger right for your organization? This issue describes what mergers can and can't do and gives you tools to help you decide if a merger is the best option given your nonprofit's goals.