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Chemical contaminants in oysters and mussels

An article about the human impacts of contaminants in oysters and mussels.

Risk Assessment, Toxicology, Toxics, Human Health, Pollution, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

URISA is an interdisciplinary and international society of public and private sector professionals with a special interest in the effective application of information technologies and the integrati

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Mapping, Technology
The Foundation Directory

On-line library with useful information for nonprofit organizations.


Ecotrust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the emergence of a conservation economy along North America's rain forested West coast, the region from San Francisco to Anchorage

Cancer Downstream

A Citizen's Guide to Investigating Pollution/Health Connections

Body Burden, Community Organizing, Disease, Epidemiology, Health Survey, Illness, Risk Assessment, Toxicology, Toxics, Environmental Justice, Human Impacts, Human Health, ISSUES FACING OUR RIVERS
Soft Paths and Light Footprints to a Sustainable Water Future

Al Dietemann from Seattle Public Utilities is one of the nation's leading experts in water conservation and he gave this presentation during the Warming Watershed track at Winter Training 2008.

Adaptation, Climate Change, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency, Urban Issues, Water Conservation & Efficiency, Water Quantity
Returning Water to Rivers

In this presentation Gerrit Jobsis, the Southeast Regional Director for American Rivers, goes over a variety of strategies and policies that can be adopted to maintain instream flows for your river

Adaptation, Instream Flows, Mitigation Banking, Stream Flow
The Water-Energy-Carbon Connection

In this presentation, energy expert Gary Klein, from Affiliated International Management LLC, and Bevan Griffiths-Sattenspiel, River Network's Saving Water Saving Energy Program Coordinator, share

Carbon Emissions, Electricity, Energy, Low Impact Development (LID), Water Efficiency, Global Warming
Hidden Reservoir: Why Water Efficiency is the Best Solution for the Southeast

In this report, Jenny Hoffner from American Rivers outlines why the Southeastern United States should be looking to water efficiency and other smart water strategies to meet their growing water nee

Low Impact Development (LID), Rainwater Harvesting, Reuse, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Economics, Water Efficiency, Water Pricing
Energizing Utilities to Embrace Demand Water Efficiency Policies and Programs

Dave Bracciano is the Demand Management Coordinator for Tampa Water, a regional water supply authority located in Tampa.

Rate Structures, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Efficiency