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Title & Source Description
The Grass is Always Greener
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This tells how to manage the lawn without chemicals.

National Directory of Volunteer Monitoring Programs

This directory lists volunteer organizations around the country engaged in monitoring rivers, lakes, estuaries, beaches, wetlands, and ground water.

Strategic Planning (in nonprofit or for-profit organizations)
McNamara, Carter MBA, PhD

Various links and information about strategic planning in nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

21st Century Water Systems: Scenarios, Visions and Drivers
Rocky Mountain Institute

Outlines the Urban Water Infrastructure which will affect the form, function and efficacy in coming decades.

Water Resources Maps and GIS Information

Visit this USGS maps page with links to all kinds of water data maps.

Perchlorate in Drinking Water
Environmental Working Group

Report from Environmental Working Group regarding rocket fuel pollution in drinking water

Vended Water: Is It Really Chemical Free?
Environmental Working Group

For paying 100 times the price of tap water, vended water consumers are supposed to get drinking water that is essentially free of trihalomethanes (THMs), the chemical byproducts of treating water

America's Living Oceans: Charting a course for sea change
PEW Oceans Commission

Size of the world's human population and the extent of our technological creativity have created a enormously damaging impacts on all the oceans.

Water Saving Tips
Southwest Florida Water Management District

A well-organized collection of water conservation tips and techniques.

Coastal Nonpoint source pollution control program

Describes how to implement nonpoint source pollution controls, known as management measures, that conform with those described in Guidance Specifying Management Measures for Sources of Nonpoint Pol

Estimated Per Capita fish consumption in the United States

This article talks of the estimated per capita fish consumption and the adverse effect of eating the contaminated freshwater, estuarine and shellfish species.

Industrial Water Pollution Controls

Effluent limitations guidelines and standards are established by EPA for different non-municipal industries.

Polluted runoffs

National management measures to control NPS from marine and recreational boating.

Chemical contaminants in oysters and mussels

An article about the human impacts of contaminants in oysters and mussels

The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association
The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

URISA is an interdisciplinary and international society of public and private sector professionals with a special interest in the effective application of information technologies and the integrati

The Foundation Directory
The Foundation Directory

On-line library with useful information for nonprofit organizations.


Ecotrust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the emergence of a conservation economy along North America's rain forested West coast, the region from San Francisco to Anchorage

Community Tool Box: Goal Setting
National Park Service - RTCA

This resource outlines the basic steps of group goal setting--people working together to transform a vision, purpose or desire into discrete statements of direction.

Community Tool Box: Vision Creating
National Park Service - RTCA

This resources outlines the basic process of creating a vision for your group, which is simply an articulation of desired future outcomes.

Community Tool Box: Awards
National Park Service - RTCA

Awards are a valuable inspirational and motivational tool and also a way of expressing gratitude to individuals and organizations that have gone above and beyond in their efforts.

Creek Care Guide
National Park Service - RTCA

Offers practical information on proper creek care and how to solve existing problems in degraded creeks

Understanding the Clean Water Act
River Network

An online course designed to give you options about how to learn about the Clean Water Act based on your interests.

Community Tool Box: Break-out Groups
National Park Service - RTCA

A breakout group is the result of dividing a large gathering of people into smaller groups.

Community Tool Box: Ice Breakers
National Park Service - RTCA

The basics of short activities intended to help a group of people become acquainted with one another.

Community Tool Box: Meetings
National Park Service - RTCA

This resource will teach you how to organize and facilitate a productive meeting including how to create an agenda, how to assign roles to meeting participants, and how to keep the group on time an

Community Tool Box: Open Space
National Park Service - RTCA

This resource will instruct you in how to organize an open space meeting.

Community Tool Box: Focus Groups
National Park Service - RTCA

This resource will introduce you to focus groups as a means to generate ideas and obtain people's questions and opinions.

Community Tool Box: Inventory
National Park Service - RTCA

A systematic gathering of information about or related to a resource or community.

Community Tool Box: Public Surveys
National Park Service - RTCA

This resource provides the basics for conducting public surveys, whether face-to-face, telephone, or by mail.

How to Run a Successful Car Wash Fundraiser
The Car Wash Guys

This book was compiled after 1,000 car wash fundraisers were done.

Community Tool Box: Conferences & Symposiums
National Park Service - RTCA

This resource provides the basic steps to planning and running a conference, including naming a chairperson and committee, recruiting speakers, and selecting a facility.

Community Tool Box: Festivals
National Park Service - RTCA

Although organizing it can be labor intensive, a festival can be a way of starting a community tradition and reaching people who are not normally involved with a particular cause or organization.

Community Tool Box: Field Trips
National Park Service - RTCA

This resource explains how field trips can be an integral part of your organization's strategy to protect a resource or area, by bringing together a diverse group of people who care or are curious,

Community Tool Box: Active Listening
National Park Service - RTCA

Learn the basics of making a conscious effort to hear, analyze, assign meaning to and respond to what another person is saying.

Community Tool Box: Brain Storming
National Park Service - RTCA

Learn the basics of idea generation and information gathering through a free-flowing, energetic, creative exchange.

Community Tool Box: Flip Charts
Natural Resources Conservation Service

The basics of recording people's comments, opinions and ideas for purposes of group discussion.

Community Tool Box: Charettes
National Park Service - RTCA

This resource introduces you to how to facilitate a charette--an intensive brainstorming session where participants share their ideas for improving natural and/or cultural resources.

Community Tool Box: Workshops
National Park Service - RTCA

Learn the basics of workshops: a combination of presentations and interactive sessions that bring people together to work towards a consensus on an issue or topic.

Community Tool Box: Group Mapping
National Park Service - RTCA

A method of gathering information and opening discussions as people express their ideas graphically on a map.

Community Tool Box: Photo Mapping
National Park Service - RTCA

The basics of documenting on film the special places and features of a community or resource.