2018 River Heroes Nomination Form

Make sure you read the 2018 River Heroes nomination guidelines before you fill out this form and click ‘submit’ to nominate your River Hero!

  • Nominator Information

  • If your nominee is selected to be honored at the National River Rally, who would you suggest present this person the award at the River Heroes Banquet? The presenter should be someone attending the River Rally who is familiar with the Hero and able/willing to give a short speech. River Network staff are not eligible to make award presentations
  • Nominee Information

  • Please briefly list up to 3 succinct, compelling reasons/accomplishments by the nominee that merit receiving this award
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  • Required Documents

  • Please upload one combined PDF document, no more than 10 pages total, that includes: a nomination letter AND three letters of support. Please refer to the Nomination Guidelines document for guidance on nomination letters and letters of support.
    Accepted file types: pdf.