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The Verde River is one of the last remaining healthy, perennially flowing rivers in Arizona. The Verde River system, including its connected streams, creeks, and groundwater resources, supports the economies of rural Verde Valley communities and businesses both as a vital water supply and as a driver of tourism and recreation. The Verde River is also an important part of the water portfolio for metro Phoenix .

Over the past decade, Friends has grown from a small group doing site-specific conservation focused the Verde River Greenway State Park to a professional organization with paid staff that is implementing conservation in the Verde Watershed at a landscape scale.

Friends is seeking a dynamic and experienced executive to continue our legacy and successes of the past eleven years. Our current executive director is retiring after six years of successful leadership. The ideal candidate will step in to continue and expand our vision of a healthy, flowing Verde River system that supports our natural environment, vibrant communities, and quality of life into future generations. We believe that healthy rivers require healthy communities.

Responsibilities of the Director


Using the power of storytelling, ignite and kindle the passion for our mission with all stakeholders – staff, board, volunteers, partners, donors – propelling them to invite other people to join in our work.

Build a real sense of belonging for those who have found their way to our organization, ensuring that: our community of supporters and partners is diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Build collaborative partnerships with communities, governments, organizations, and those who share our vision.

Board Partnership

Build, cultivate and nurture a partnership with the Board of Directors built on mutual respect and trust.

Provide the Board of Directors with the resources, information, and training necessary to fulfill their duties and to be organizational ambassadors.

As a non-voting officer of the Board of Directors, actively engage as an ex officio member of Board committees; standing committees are Executive, Governance, Development, and Finance & Audit.

Vision and Strategy

In partnership with the board and staff, align the organization around our vision for the future, one that we can rally stakeholders and donors around as we secure resources, human and financial, to support our work.

Ensure that mission and core values provide the organization with a compass to guide us toward our vision.

Develop goals, strategies, and tactics in the form of annual plans and budgets as a key roadmap that introduc es an accountability component to our strategy.

Growing Resources

Serve as the fundraiser-in-chief of the organization, setting fundraising strategy and working with staff, board and volunteers to identify prospects and close gifts.

With an understanding that fundraising is relational, develop strategies that ensure that donors are nurtured from their first gift.


Build, lead, and retain an effective and diverse staff team dedicated  to the mission  and with the  requisite skills to be success fu l in their work.

Establish effective decision making at all levels to ensure that voices are heard and that we meet our short- and long-term goals.

Ensure the organization is resting on a fiscally sound foundation and that relevant parties are informed about fiscal status and that financial information is communicated in a manner accessible to all.


Oversee a programmatic portfolio that is designed with a deep understanding of the communities we serve and that aligns with our mission and our long-range plans.

Ensure effective systems for program management and evaluation and regularly evaluate the program portfolio, ever mindful of the need to adapt to the needs of our river s and our communities.

Bring a spirit of innovation to the program work with an eye toward piloting new ideas that could be incorporated into or will maximize existing work.

We aim to identify a candidate who can bring the work of the organization to life in powerful and innovative ways within this future.

How To Apply

Please send application materials in one file (cover letter, resume, and a minimum of three professional references) to

The hiring team will begin reviewing applications July 1, 2023, but applications will be accepted and reviewed until the position is filled. The ideal start date is in November 2023.

Job Features

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$95,000 to $128,000


Cottonwood, Arizona

Apply directly via the instructions above.