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ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION: Sierra Streams Institute is a watershed monitoring, research, restoration and educational group based in Nevada City, California in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Our mission is to link water, science and people for the benefit of human and environmental health. Sierra Streams has grown to become a vitally important voice in the regional scientific community. We have accumulated 20 years of water quality, biological and chemical data from local streams and rivers and have used that data to promote changes in policy and practices in our local and regional area. We work with local, state and federal agencies as well as tribes, land trusts, universities and other non-profits to find solutions to the problems that afflict watersheds throughout the region that share the challenges resulting from a century of gold mining, development, and agriculture. Sierra Streams has developed a reputation over the course of its 23 year history for the rigor of its science, its ability to foster community stewardship of creeks, and its many collaborative efforts with a wide range of groups, schools and agencies.


  • Field collection of water quality data
  • Field collection of algae, bacteria and stream macroinvertebrates for lab analysis
  • Field assessments of stream physical habitat
  • Recruit and manage volunteers and interns for monitoring, chemical and biological lab analysis
  • Run all equipment currently in the chemistry and biology labs as well as new equipment when introduced to the lab
  • Train volunteers in field protocols for the collection of water, macroinvertebrates, algae, bacteria, physical habitat and other samples
  • Train volunteers in macroinvertebrate identification
  • Conduct chemical analysis of nutrients in water, including nitrates, phosphates and ammonia using colorimetric methods
  • Conduct analysis of E. coli bacteria samples
  • Conduct analysis of soil, water, tissue samples for mercury using the Hydra C Mercury Analyzer
  • Review water quality, physical habitat, algae, bacteria and macroinvertebrate protocols and assure compliance with the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) as authorized by the State Water Board
  • Microscope identification of stream macroinvertebrates that serve as indicators of stream health
  • Oversee entry of monthly monitoring data into database
  • Perform lab quality assurance – meter calibrations, standard solution evaluation, review calibration book, review intercalibration process and data, review and comply with state quality assurance recommendations.
  • Prepare monitoring reports for the Technical Advisory Committee
  • Assist in writing grant applications & search for new grant opportunities
  • Assist in using statistical programs to analyze data for publication
  • Educate volunteers/citizen scientists about importance and use of monitoring data
  • Write summaries of existing data for inclusion in restoration planning documents and scientific publications
  • Publish scientific articles discussing monitoring results
  • Create charts and graphs to display water quality, chemical and biological data to scientists and community members
  • Research new lab techniques such as eDNA
  • Perform GIS mapping and analysis
  • Assist other staff scientists as needed
  • Develop citizen science projects
  • Manage monitoring budgets
  • Research and buy lab equipment
  • Assist in restoration work
  • Assist with mammal and other wildlife surveys

Note: This job may be able to be expanded to include more hours and other projects at our organization. Our office was burned down in a wildfire in August 2020 and we are still recovering from this unfortunate incident. Due to this, there is especially an opportunity for additional work on outreach, fundraising, and general recovery tasks. We are working to be back in a permanent space with a lab again by Spring 2021.


Please submit a cover letter and resume electronically to Joanne Hild, Executive Director, at with “Lab Manager Application” as the subject. The position is open until filled.

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