York River Watershed Coordinator

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York River Watershed Coordinator

The York River Watershed Coordinator serves as principal staff to the York River Stewardship Committee and the Wells Reserve in administering all activities related to the Partnership Wild and Scenic River designation and implementation of the Stewardship Plan. The Watershed Coordinator will be overseen by an 11-member Stewardship Committee in partnership with the Wells Reserve, which serves as contract administrator and/or employer of the Coordinator. The Coordinator will be expected to work between 1,000 and 1,200 hours annually, depending on need. There are no benefits associated with this position. The starting rate shall be $45 to $55 an hour, depending on experience. The Coordinator reports to the Stewardship Committee Chair and the Wells Reserve Executive Director.

About the Partnership Wild and Scenic York River

The York River and its major tributaries are nationally significant resources which in December 2022 were designated by an act of the U.S. Congress into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System for their free-flowing condition, water quality, and outstandingly remarkable values. The designation of the York River as a “Partnership Wild and Scenic River” created a collaboration among the four communities in the watershed (York, Kittery, Eliot, and South Berwick) and the National Park Service (NPS) to steward the river into the future. Project and program implementation are guided by the Stewardship Plan, a non-regulatory, advisory document that outlines a proactive and voluntary approach to protect and maintain the community-supported values of the York River. The implementation of the plan is overseen by an 11-member municipal-appointed Stewardship Committee.

Primary Responsibilities


  • Serve as the liaison between the Stewardship Committee and the National Park Service (NPS), organizations, agencies, municipalities, and other Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers (PWSRs).
  • Serve as the principal point of contact and spokesperson for the Stewardship Committee.
  • Coordinate regular meetings of the Committee and any subcommittee meetings and activities, including developing agendas in coordination with the committee chair; prepare and distribute meeting materials.
  • Develop and maintain regular communication for the Committee and with the four watershed municipalities, partner groups, and the public.
  • Assist the Committee and provide leadership in administering and implementing outreach and project activities related to Wild and Scenic designation and Stewardship Plan priorities.
  • Coordinate public meetings and outreach events in collaboration with the Committee.
  • Maintain and update the web site:


  • Work with the Committee to set direction, establish priorities and time-based objectives, engage partners, and report progress in implementing the Stewardship Plan.
  • Work with the Committee and the Wells Reserve to develop and manage the annual workplan that is part of the Cooperative Agreement between NPS and the Wells Reserve.
  • With the Wells Reserve, and with input from the Stewardship Committee, develop an annual budget and track expenditures throughout the year consistent with the NPS Cooperative Agreement.
  • Prepare and submit semi-annual progress and financial reports to the Wells Reserve and the NPS.
  • Develop opportunities for Stewardship Committee members to engage in administration and Stewardship Plan implementation.
  • Explore the establishment of a 501-c-3 non-profit association to receive and administer future NPS Cooperative Agreements and other grant funds and private donations; and/or explore other organizational entities in southern Maine that would make a good candidate to serve as the recipient and manager of NPS Cooperative Agreements.

Stewardship Plan Implementation

  • Provide staff support and expertise to assist the Committee in identifying and implementing priority projects.
  • Assist the Committee and provide leadership with the development and execution of grant programs, including developing requests for proposals, evaluating proposals and developing and managing contracts for approved projects.
  • Provide project administration and management as needed to implement priority projects and other activities.
  • Prepare grant submissions, administer grant awards, and conduct other fundraising, as needed.
  • Provide support associated with federal review of projects within the York River Watershed.
  • Support and oversee efforts with ongoing research into the natural, historic, cultural, and recreational resources of the York River, as well as threats to resources.

Every 5 years oversee the revision of the York River Stewardship Plan and submit it to NPS, serving as its principal author and editor.

The successful candidate will have 3 to 5 years of experience in community engagement with varied stakeholders and will be comfortable speaking to and interacting with a diverse group of community boards, municipal officials, state and federal agencies and elected representatives, conservation organizations, and others. The ability to facilitate and manage multiple projects in collaboration with multiple stakeholders is important. The candidate must be able to attend occasional evening and weekend meetings and events. This position works remotely and independently with flexible work hours, thus requiring a high degree of self-motivation and discipline to accomplish tasks.

Knowledge and Skills in the following areas preferred:

  • Familiarity with southern Maine, in particular the four communities within the watershed Budget management, grant writing and reporting, and fundraising
  • Knowledge of federal grants and their management
  • Knowledge of sustainable watershed management land use planning concepts and practices Knowledge of ecological principles and natural resource conservation
  • Experience with consensus-building techniques and practices Knowledge of webpage software and social media


  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited college/university, preferably in the area of environmental science, environmental education/outreach, or natural resource planning.
  • A valid driver’s license is required. Travel will occur in the watershed region with the use of a personal vehicle, with mileage reimbursed at the federal rate.

To Apply

Send cover letter and resume to the York River Search Committee by Wednesday, August 16, 2023:

By email:

By Mail:

York River Search Committee C/O Wells Reserve

342 Laudholm Farm Road Wells, ME 04090

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