Clean Water Act Course

Introduction to the Course

Welcome to the Clean Water Act online course! 2012 marked the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, and arguably no environmental law has had as sweeping of an influence on our daily lives and health than the Act. Yet the success of the Act depends largely on citizen understanding, engagement and action. This course is designed to give you options about how to learn about and use the Clean Water Act based on your own interests.

The course is a companion to our book, The Clean Water Act: An Owner’s Manual. Course content is structured to help you:

  • Isolate specific problems
  • Identify possible solutions
  • Develop and leverage existing programs
  • Build effective outreach tools

The goal is to help you understand a) the laws established to protect our diverse waters and b) the power you have to exercise this knowledge.

This website is dedicated to the thousands of citizens who are working all around the country to keep our waters drinkable, swimmable and fishable. In a Foreword to The Clean Water Act: An Owner’s Manual, former President and Nobel Laureate Jimmy Carter wrote: “For these individuals and groups, the Clean Water Act, which mandates the identification and protection of outstanding waters in each state, is one of the most important tools they will ever have.”

Navigating the Course

This course provides lessons on topics that are integral to understanding the Clean Water Act and is accompanied by quizzes that you can take to test your knowledge. Once you are inside a lesson, you’ll see a tabbed navigation to navigate through that lesson. We recommend moving through the lesson tabs in order.

We are currently in the process of updating the lessons; the full course will be available again soon!

Course Lessons