Data Management and Visualization Training to Support Local Organizations in the Delaware River Basin

Request for Proposals

Statement of Need:

River Network seeks proposals from qualified individuals and consultants to provide data management and visualization trainings and support to local groups engaged in water quality monitoring (“local groups”) within the Delaware River Basin. The consultant should be well-versed in data management techniques with experience conducting trainings and workshops to local groups on how to effectively manage their data in a way to support informed data analysis and interpretation, and how to use specific user-friendly and free or low-cost data visualization tools. The consultant will provide one-on-one, tailored monitoring program design planning and data management trainings to support the group’s data analysis and visualization goals.   The consultant will provide the groups with the tools and guidance necessary to create meaningful visualizations to effectively tell their story and tailor it to different audiences. The focus of these services is on water quality data parameters and interpretations related to water quality within the Delaware River Basin tributaries and should support efforts to reach a fully fishable, swimmable river.

The expected outputs of this project include:

  1. One-on-one trainings in monitoring program design planning and/or data management (up to four local groups) and follow up support
  2. One group workshop on data visualization tools (5-10 local groups)
  3. One webinar on data visualization tools that will be open to any local groups collecting data in the Delaware River basin
  4. One digital resource (pamphlet, flyer, etc.) on current free or low-cost data visualization tools with brief descriptions for the River Network website
  5. One blog, video snippet, other resource for the River Network website to provide tips on how to tailor your data visuals and message to your audience (general public, funder, board, government agency)

The outcomes of this project include:

  1. Equip local groups with the information and tools needed to plan their program, manage and analyze their data
  2. Inform and educate on availability and application of easy to use tools to create data visualizations that can aid in outreach, education, and advocacy
  3. Build capacity in understanding of how data visualization can be effective in reaching specific audiences

Additional Background:

Throughout the Delaware River Basin, local groups collect a wide range of water quality data and information with varying goals and approaches. As part of River Network’s efforts to create a swimmable and fishable Delaware River, we have been connecting with these groups to learn from each other and learn what support they most need to effectively manage and visualize their data. For more information on River Network’s work in the Delaware Basin, please see:

The local groups that will be supported through this effort will all have differing levels of experience, knowledge, and data sets. The trainings should be tailored to the specific needs and experience level of the group. One-on-one data management trainings will be separate trainings with one group at a time so as to fully tailor to their individual needs. These trainings can be several hours with an in-person or virtual option, with a minimum of 2 hours of continued support per group. The group data visualization workshop can be in-person or virtual, and should be ½ day to a full day. The workshop should be inclusive enough to ensure each group, no matter experience or knowledge level, finds value in the workshop and leaves with increased knowledge and ability to apply data visualization tools.

The consultant will select free or low cost and easy to use tools for data visualization, in consultation with River Network. Groups have expressed interest in GIS or mapping functions, Google Data Studio, dashboards or storyboards, and real-time and historical data filters.

River Network will coordinate and schedule the trainings and workshops and it is expected that the consultant will work closely with River Network to prepare for and execute the trainings and workshops.

Expected Timeline:

This is a 17-month contract to be completed from August 15, 2021 to January 31, 2023.

Proposal Requirements: 

  • Summary of background and experience relevant to this request for proposals, including, but not limited to:
    • Expertise in basic monitoring program design and data management
    • Knowledge of and experience in using a variety of data visualization tools for data interpretation, outreach, advocacy and education to different audiences
    • Experience in conducting workshops and one-on-one support with local groups and individuals of varying experience and knowledge-levels
    • Understanding of water quality data parameters and interpretation methods, with preference for experience in water quality standards and issues within the Delaware River Basin tributaries
  • Cost estimate for all services associated with this project. Costs are not to exceed $12,000.
    • The consultant does not need to be located within the Delaware River Basin. If located in or in close proximity, the contractor may budget for travel if in-person trainings are desired.
  • Proposed timeline and description for delivering each of the listed Outputs
  • Explanation of proposed data visualization tools that will be used in trainings (must be free or low-cost)
  • Two client references
  • One or two work products that showcase visualization skills and/or an example of an educational resource (blog, webpage, digital pamphlet, etc.)
  • Any additional information relevant to this project.

Submission Directions and Deadlines:

Please submit your proposal of no more than 7 pages (excluding work products) on or before July 7, 2021 to  Final decisions will be made by or before July 31, 2021 with work to commence by August 15, 2021.  All with relevant or related experience levels are encouraged to apply.

Questions? Contact Colleen Walters,

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