Colorado SMP Peer Call

Thursday, 12/10/2020
10:00am MST - 11:30am MST

Event Info

SMP Peer Call: Identify, Evaluate, and Prioritize Potential Actions

Join us on Thursday, December 10th from 10:00 - 11:30am for a Peer Learning call to learn more about the SMP planning step: Identify, Evaluate and Prioritize Potential Actions.

Most SMPs will undertake a process to identify and prioritize potential actions to support the objectives stated in their SMP. We'll be joined by Seth Mason, with Lotic Hydrological, and Sonja Chavez, with the Upper Gunnison Basin Watershed Management Plan, to discuss approaches to this aspect of planning from how to effectively design the discussion process, approaches for evaluating potential project impact and tips for ensuring success and examples of potential projects.

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