Putting Data to Action: Community Science, Partnership, and Advocacy for a Healthy Schuylkill River

Tuesday, 06/22/2021
12:00 PM ET - 1:00 PM ET

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How can you put your data to action? Join River Network as we learn how Bartram’s Garden staff, high school interns, and volunteers have worked together to use their water quality data, primarily collected for public boating safety, to advocate for action at the state level. You’ll hear from Chloe Wang, River Programs Coordinator, and Denkyem River Guardians Ammarava Mika-El and Yasir Hall as they discuss how water recreation, youth development, science and advocacy can intersect in programming that breaks silos, models principles of meaningful community science, and supports young people’s agency as active, civic participants.

Bartram’s Garden is a public park and 50-acre National Historic Landmark located in Southwest Philadelphia on the banks of the Tidal Schuylkill River. They host a community boating program from spring through fall for guests of all experience levels to get out on the water and explore nature right in their city. The team at Bartram’s Garden began testing river water for bacteria to ensure their guests could safely recreate on the water, due to the presence of Combined Sewer Overflows and wastewater pollution after rain events. Understanding the value of their data, Bartram’s submitted it to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection through the Clean Water Act’s Integrated Report process. This webinar will walk through Bartram’s experience and the progress they have made to date, and perhaps inspire YOU to put your data to action!

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