Storytelling & Resonance: Creating a Culture of Empathy and Support

Tuesday, 10/27/2020
1:00 PM ET - 2:00 PM ET

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Creating a culture of empathy and support is an important tool to combat isolation and individualism in our organizations and movements, especially during COVID-19. Join River Network’s 2020 Emerging Leader, Megan Nguyen, as she creates a space for attendees to share stories and listen to others’ perspectives. Come away from this meeting with a better understanding of the value of connecting through storytelling and resonance, and how these tools can be weaved into your advocacy and outreach work.

At California Trout, Megan is a science communicator who manages both educational content for social media and programming for outreach events. Outside of work, Megan is an energetic advocate using her voice to inspire people to turn their passion into action. Her energy and creativity as a musician and organizer shines bright in her activism work with the Sunrise Movement, a national movement of young people fighting for policies that address climate change.