River Network envisions a future of clean and ample water for people and nature, where local caretakers are well-equipped, effective, and courageous champions for our rivers.

March 2018 Issue of River Voices

Welcome to the March 2018 issue of River Voices. We are excited to share highlights of our community resilience work, including the launch of the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Cohort, plus an introduction to Diana Toledo, our Leadership Development Director and urban-water leadership development expert. Check out funding opportunities for Wild & Scenic Rivers events and community engagement, plus our latest webinars and resources. Read the issue.

River Network Launches the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Cohort

River Network will launch the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Peer Learning Cohort, a 15-month program that will equip organizations with information, skills, tools, financial resources, and promote connectivity between the growing network of individuals and organizations working on these issues. Submit an application of interest no later than Monday, March 26th. Learn more >

New Project Supports Stream Management Planning in Colorado

In early 2017, River Network started a two-year project in Colorado to grow the number of local coalitions that are interested, ready and capable of undertaking comprehensive Stream Management Plans in alignment with the state’s recently adopted water plan. Learn more >

River Science Connection

Does your non-profit need extra science or technical capacity, but you can’t afford more staff? Are you a researcher, student, expert or retiree looking for opportunities to use your science or technical skills? Check out our science service exchange board to see how we can help you meet your goals! Learn more