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River Voices: Science for River Advocates

In this issue of River Voices, we have a great collection of articles from leading scientific voices to get you thinking about how our rivers work, how we use science to help spark our communities and our society to do more, and opportunities to deploy science to better communicate what our rivers need to remain healthy, thriving, and sustainably managed. Read articles from this issue 


New Report: Protecting and Restoring Flows in Southeastern Rivers

To address the range of threats to river flows in the southeast, this new report covers a comprehensive set of policies starting with the scientific foundations of water budgets and moves to supply management and flow protection and then demand management and finally the management of the built environment.

boy and rain barrel

Reduce Your Water Footprint

The rainwater that falls from your roof after a storm could play an important role in protecting our country’s rivers and streams. Learn how to reduce your water footprint with a rain barrel. 

atchafalaya_group pic

Impact Story: Keys to Fundraising Success

Atchafalaya Basinkeeper was a successful organization, but too much of the group’s time was spent protecting their watershed that very little went into securing their budget from one year to the next.