Current Premium Members

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Premium Member Organizations

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Premium Member OrganizationPremium Membership Expiration Date
Anacostia Watershed Society9/16/2023
Audubon Society | South Carolina9/21/2022
Cacapon Institute9/23/2022
Cahaba River Society12/30/2022
Cape Fear River Watch9/21/2022
Cayuga Lake Watershed Network8/26/2022
Center for Environmental Law and Policy8/13/2022
Charles River Watershed Association3/29/2023
Chesapeake Commons3/1/2024
City of Aspen9/8/2022
Clean Water Action2/10/2023
Connecticut River Conservancy1/20/2023
Creek Connections2/17/2023
Cumberland River Compact9/16/2023
Dan River Basin Association9/14/2022
Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE)2/15/2023
Eagle River Watershed Council9/15/2022
Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association10/20/2022
Environmental Policy Innovation Center2/24/2024
Friends of Blackwater2/17/2023
Friends of the Big Sioux River2/3/2023
Friends of the Mahoning River1/29/2023
Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River1/27/2023
Friends of the Rappahannock9/16/2023
Friends of the Shenandoah River3/31/2023
Friends of the Verde River8/18/2022
Groundwork Jacksonville12/6/2022
Groundwork USA10/21/2022
Harpeth Conservancy3/10/2023
Hawaii Association of Watershed Partnerships11/8/2022
Heartland Conservation Alliance8/4/2022
Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy (Univ of Maryland ext)3/3/2023
Idaho Rivers United4/6/2023
Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District1/30/2023
Ipswich River Watershed Association1/13/2023
James River Association2/18/2023
Kenai Watershed Forum8/3/2022
Kickapoo Tribe Of Oklahoma3/31/2023
Kissimmee Waterkeeper8/3/2022
Lackawanna River Conservation Association1/25/2023
Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance4/14/2023
Little Falls Watershed Alliance3/14/2024
Little Miami Conservancy, FKA Little Miami7/8/2023
Louisiana Environmental Action Network5/14/2022
Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust (Lowell Land Trust)2/17/2023
Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association3/13/2024
Maine Rivers9/15/2022
Massachusetts Rivers Alliance2/7/2023
Medina County, Ohio3/9/2023
Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds (MGROW)5/12/2022
Milwaukee Riverkeeper2/17/2023
Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper1/26/2023
Musconetcong Watershed Association4/1/2023
Mystic River Watershed Association2/1/2023
National Park Service HQ (NPS)4/18/2023
National Parks Conservation Association11/18/2022
National Wildlife Federation (NWF)3/14/2024
New Hampshire Rivers Council4/22/2023
New River Conservancy11/4/2023
Okanogan Highlands Alliance7/1/2022
Pennsylvania Organization of Watersheds and Rivers (POWR)2/2/2023
Plaster Creek Stewards8/17/2022
Prairie Rivers Network3/3/2023
Rio Grande International Study Center (RGISC Inc.)9/23/2022
River Alliance of Wisconsin2/18/2023
River Management Society (RMS)2/20/2023
Save Our Rivers, Inc.9/17/2022
Snake River Fund8/3/2022
South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL)8/5/2022
St. Croix River Association8/13/2022
Texas Health and Environment Alliance, Inc.3/31/2023
The Bear Project9/23/2022
The Coastal Watershed Council8/3/2022
The Kumpi Mayu Foundation2/17/2023
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) | Global Headquarters3/30/2023
Upper Tennessee River Roundtable2/28/2023
Upstream Pittsburgh3/11/2023
Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans8/24/2022
West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA)3/13/2023
Westfield State University4/20/2024
Wilkes Soil and Water Conservation District4/11/2023
Willamette Partnership8/13/2022
Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council9/23/2022
WWALS Watershed Coalition (Suwanee Riverkeeper)1/31/2023

Individual Premium Members

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Member ContactPremium Membership Expiration Date
Abel Olivo8/11/2022
Adam Flickinger3/3/2023
Albert Ettinger5/17/2022
Ann-Marie Mitroff2/1/2023
Baird Straughan2/24/2023
Brad Beaubien3/3/2023
Carol Haskins5/13/2022
Christopher Carlson9/22/2023
Christy Perrin3/29/2023
Cyd Curtis10/13/2022
Cynthia Edwards2/28/2023
Danielle Van Drew8/16/2022
Dave Arscott1/22/2023
David Dahlquist3/1/2023
David Deen8/13/2022
DAVID Hillman9/24/2022
Deborah Neustadt9/24/2022
Dennis Chestnut8/13/2023
Erin OGrady3/8/2023
Gary Estes7/15/2023
Gayle Killam3/7/2023
George Hawkins8/15/2022
Grady McCallie8/20/2022
Jennifer Back3/1/2023
Jeremiah Mattysse3/7/2023
Jessica Thrasher9/27/2022
Jonathan Poisner3/23/2023
Julie Knudson3/14/2024
Karen Donovan7/8/2022
Larissa Read9/21/2022
Lisa Tario9/24/2022
Marc Alston8/12/2022
Mary Stevenson4/1/2023
Michael Shapiro6/23/2022
Nancy Hammett2/1/2023
Renee Fortner9/15/2022
Richard and Margit Roos-Collins4/13/2023
Robert Sproull5/13/2022
Ruth McCabe2/21/2023
Sharon Appell3/8/2023
Stephen MacAusland5/4/2023
Tim Schreiber1/26/2023
Tom Sprehe7/3/2022
Vallie Edenbo4/8/2023
Whitman Constantineau9/21/2022
Zoe Geist5/12/2022

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