How We Help

River Network lends its support to initiatives that promote greater water security and sustainability. Learn about what we are doing to address water quantity concerns in watersheds across the country.

Policy Change

River Network has a long history of catalyzing policy change related to clean water. Policies and regulations that support ample water in our rivers for ecological function, fish and other water dependent species, and recreation are also needed in our journey towards healthy rivers and thriving communities.  

Dry, cracked land.

Science Support

River Network provides support to groups on the ground seeking to bring the power of science into their efforts to advocate for healthy rivers. This includes deploying our capacity to help groups identify their science needs, design and implement monitoring programs, and more generally understand the linkages between water levels and flows, ecosystem function, and ecological health.  

People river rafting.

Networking & Learning

Facilitating communities of practice, learning networks, and coalitions for greater impact has been part of River Network’s DNA since our inception. Sometimes we are the convener or facilitator and in other times we may be a contributor.