Networking & Learning

People river rafting.

Facilitating communities of practice, learning networks, and coalitions for greater impact has been part of River Network’s DNA since our inception. Sometimes we are the convener or facilitator and in other times we may be a contributor.

Protecting a global epicenter of freshwater biodiversity. River Network is leading a two-year effort to establish a community of organizations engaged in water supply security and sustainability in the Southeastern U.S. During the last 15 years, water quantity has increasingly become an issue in this region, as agriculture, cities and industry have demanded more water from rivers. By building a network of local organizations, we can enhance the power of conservation groups to promote policy change as well as identify other opportunities to protect and restore water in rivers through voluntary actions. Learn more >

Supporting Stream Management Planning in Colorado. In early 2017, River Network started a two-year project in Colorado to grow the number of local coalitions that are interested, ready and capable of undertaking stream management plans. We are helping the coalitions access $5 million in state-funded grants to develop projects and plans that protect or restore watershed health and stream function in alignment with the state’s recently adopted water plan. Learn more >

We are exploring other opportunities to use the power of networks, and our expertise as a convener and coalition builder, to grow the use of voluntary transactions to protect and restore water in rivers in other regions of the country. River Network offers webinars and regionally-based training opportunities in collaboration with experts and other organizations on topics related to ample water issues. When possible and appropriate, we also promote other educational opportunities related to water security and sustainability to our community.

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