Providing Science Support


River Network provides support to groups on the ground seeking to bring the power of science into their efforts to advocate for healthy rivers. This includes deploying our capacity to help groups identify their science needs, design and implement monitoring programs, and more generally understand the linkages between water levels and flows, ecosystem function, and ecological health. We provide mentoring, training programs, and peer-to-peer exchanges. Here are some of the ways we can help:

River Science Connection

River Network is committed to building better bridges between the water science and advocacy communities. Through partnerships with universities, research institutes, federal agencies, and consultants, the River Science Connection seeks to be a portal for innovative and open-source resources from a variety of agencies and organizations. The River Science Connection  is also where watershed organizations can post detailed requests for science services which become applied public research projects, empirical models, and experiential education opportunities for researchers and students. Learn more

Science Module on Water Security and Environmental Flows

Investigating flow issues involves aspects of hydrology, ecology, and policy! To help you get started and get your hands on resources that work, we have put together a science module of educational recording and science resources for those looking to investigate the status and causes of water security issues in their watershed.

Other Ways We Can Help

Environmental Flow Support: Does your river experience larger floods now than in the past? Is water use depleting river flows? Is the climate changing in your region, leading to lesser replenishment of river flows? We can help you develop environmental flows projects in your watershed. Whether it’s monitoring, determining ecological effects of altered flows, or working with dam operators to achieve more natural flow regimes, our staff can help you engage your water quantity issues.

Water Budgets: Water in. Water out. How much of the renewable water supply in your watershed is being consumed? Changing precipitation patterns and altered landscapes mean water isn’t entering and exiting your watershed the way it once was. We can help you develop and manage projects to calculate water budgets for your watershed.

Building a Science Network: Given River Network’s own capacity limitations, we will expand our support through a novel partnership with universities and professional societies. Moving this partnership forward and determining how to identify and fill science needs across our community will be a significant focus of our efforts beginning in fiscal year 2016.

Innovations in Green Infrastructure: In a modern sustainable city, rain is a resource, not an engineering problem. Our team can help you learn about what’s working well, and point to communities across the country that are transforming urban areas into functioning habitats for people and fish alike.

Preparing Public Comments: Dam re-licensing and water use permits often require public participation and provide opportunities to give your river a voice. River Network can help you navigate the science in a permit or allocation to make sure you can prepare informed comments.