Impact Stories

The stories below elevate success and achievement from across our membership. Each of these examples goes beyond the ordinary and reveals the power of hope, the value of grit, and the importance of creativity. Taking care of our rivers is hard work, whether you are working for change at the local, regional, or national scale. We intend for these stories to spark innovation in others and spread good ideas more quickly. We hope they inspire you too.

Pine Meadow Ranch Dam Removal

Photo credit (c) Richard Scott Nelson Pine Meadow Ranch is a 200-acre farm located along Whychus Creek immediately upstream from the City of Sisters, Oregon with surface water rights dating back to the late 1800s. The irrigation water for the ranch was previously being diverted from a dam that blocked migratory fish access to 13... Read More

Water Efficiency Education in Alabama

The Cahaba River provides half of the raw water for Birmingham, Alabama’s main drinking water utility, and summer withdrawals deplete its flow. The metro area currently has enough water supply during normal rainfall periods, but the region has been hit with droughts that require rationing. The Birmingham Water Board plans to add water supply to… Read More

South Lagoon Outfall

The Clean Water Act in Play in Mississippi

For many years, there had been significant complaints about Hattiesburg, Mississippi's two sewage lagoons discharging sewage into the already impaired Bowie and Leaf Rivers without regard to public health or the law. In March of 2010, a particularly foul odor had begun permeating the city, affecting businesses and the quality of life for thousands of... Read More