How We Help

Starting and sustaining a river or watershed group is no easy task. River Network provides leadership development and organizational development that will help you deliver results.

Log bridge over running water.

Leadership Development Consulting

We help organizations get started and “mature” from all-volunteer, small-budget efforts into organizations that have multiple staff, sustainable funding, and sophisticated programs designed to address concerns in their local waterways. We’ll connect you to knowledge and a community of peers, and help organize collective action to accomplish things that can’t be accomplished alone.  

People river rafting.

Networking & Learning

River Network helps organizations network with and learn from their peers around the country by coordinating peer learning networks focused on a variety of issues. Our job is to connect groups and individuals with each other to accomplish things that can’t be accomplished alone.  

Group of volunteers

Evaluating Your Organization

A thorough organizational assessment can be a powerful tool to guide your organization to the next level of effectiveness so you can make a greater impact toward your mission. Think of it as a “tune-up” to help you identify areas you can strengthen to address existing challenges or face future ones.