Evaluating Your Organization

Group of volunteers

A thorough organizational assessment can be a powerful tool to guide your organization to the next level of effectiveness toward your mission. Our online organizational assessment survey helps track the results of your on-the-ground programs as well as documents the internal structure of your organization. Once you have submitted your data, a River Network capacity building staff professional can help you use that data to guide your next steps.

This assessment is a critical tool to ensuring healthy organizational development and long-term sustainability for river and watershed groups. River Network has used data collected from assessment tools over the years to affirm the value of organizational capacity building. Data from 210 local and watershed-level nonprofit groups throughout the U.S. revealed that those that were provided organizational development training have more staff, more donors, and more volunteers. Most importantly, the results also indicated that stronger, healthier organizations were more effective in protecting rivers and watersheds – they have more on-the-ground activities and in-stream outcomes including site clean ups, safer water to swim in and to drink, and improved watershed ecosystems.

Think of this as a “tune-up” to help you identify areas you can strengthen to address existing challenges or face future ones!

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