Other Policy and Regulatory Initiatives

Linking Clean and Ample Water

“Petitioners also assert…that the Clean Water Act is only concerned with water ‘quality,’ and does not allow the regulation of water ‘quantity’. This is an artificial distinction.” – Justice O’Connor writing for the Supreme Court Majority in 1994

We couldn’t agree more. Although fish and others who rely on our rivers don’t see the separation between clean water and the amount of water in our rivers, our legal system has long treated water quality and quantity as unrelated concerns. Water quality is regulated by the federal Clean Water Act, while state laws govern water quantity.

River Network is providing research, analysis, and strategy support to watershed and river groups interested in better integrating policy tools to protect and restore flows. The first piece of this work has focused on how to better use the Clean Water Act to protect and restore in-stream flows. We will continue that work, while also bringing in broader issues relating to water quantity, water quality and river habitat.

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Other Initatives

River Network’s involvement and support of policy and regulatory initiatives includes the Clean Water Act as well as other key laws and issues including:

Clean Water

  • Proposed federal budget cuts
  • Waters of the United States Rulemaking
  • Mining Law Reform
  • Stormwater Rulemaking
  • Funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Ample Water

  • Funding for USGS Stream Gages
  • USFS Directive on Groundwater
  • EPA WaterSense program
  • Improvements to floodplain mapping
  • Hydropower reform