Business for Water Stewardship Project Bank

Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and River Network have teamed up to offer the Business for Water Stewardship Project Bank (BWS Project Bank), a first of-its-kind online platform to support growing corporate interest in projects that restore river flows and recharge ground water, and to expand funding opportunities for premium (dues-paying) River Network member organizations and their river restoration projects.

The Need

Water is an essential ingredient in most consumer products, both during manufacturing processes and in the source materials used. More and more companies are interested in investing in water security because it makes good business sense, helps meet corporate sustainability and water-neutrality goals, and benefits the health and well-being of their workers and the communities where they operate.

The Opportunity

  • For organizations, the Project Bank offers an opportunity to represent your watershed restoration projects on a national platform and attract funding from new corporate partners. Plus, River Network helps every step of the way! In a few rare instances, BEF may also have corporate funds available for immediate investment.
  • For corporations, through the Project Bank, BEF learns about organizations and restoration projects and shares them with corporations seeking opportunities to support environmental water stewardship

The Process

All premium members of River Network are welcome to submit qualified projects to the BWS Project Bank. The process is simple and includes hands-on support from our staff. We’ll walk you through it and get you everything you need. While we can’t guarantee your project will receive funding, we strive to ensure the process is as simple as possible so you can share your restoration project more broadly and focus on doing this important work in your community. Here are the submission basics:

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  1. Create a BWS Project Bank account.
  2. Assemble your project information (this includes project name, location, river basin, latitude/longitude, start date, summary, finances, volumetric benefits, duration of benefits, photos, and any additional details you wish the provide).
  3. Login to the Project Bank portal and enter your project information.
  4. Save and submit!

Watch the informational webinar below for more information and click here for eligibility guidelines and instructions on submitting a project to the BWS Project Bank.


Projects must restore, replenish, or recharge surface water flows or groundwater. While efforts to improve water quality, habitats, and other aspects of river and water conservation are also important, the projects most likely to receive funding are those that help offset a prospective funder’s water footprint.

The Successes

BEF has already worked with 55 companies to support 90 projects across 15 states and Mexico, and they are constantly working to develop corporate interest and support and profile projects that can help companies participate in important environmental watershed improvement outcomes.  

Many River Network member organizations have already seen tangible success from their BWS Project Bank submissions. Explore the stories below to learn more! 

Pine Tree Brook Habitat Restoration

Verde River-Oak Creek Groundwater Recharge

Waiawa Watershed Groundwater Recharge

Located two and a half miles from of Boston, MA, and led by the Neponset River Watershed Association, this project aims to protect a rare population of native brook trout through dam removal. This will allow free movement for native brook trout, improve habitat, and bolster downstream investments.

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This project, located in Arizona, provides a vehicle for water users to reduce the amount of water removed from the river and groundwater system. Partners involved in this and similar projects, including Friends of the Verde River meet annually at River Network’s Environmental Water Transactions gathering.

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This Honolulu County project on Oahu is a collaboration among various state, county, and private partners of the Ko’olau Mountains Watershed Partnership to protect 1,400 acres of intact native forest in this critical water recharge area. The project focuses on the first step of long-term watershed protection: fencing.

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For more project profiles, please visit the BWS Project Bank Website.


Please contact April Ingle, River Network’s Science and Policy Associate, at with any questions or for support in submitting your project to the BWS Project Bank.

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